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Studies in New Testament Greek and JSNTS Collection (17 vols.)

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Modern attempts to understand Scripture have utilized several methods to investigate the use of words and phrases within the historical context in which they were written or spoken. Two of those methods—rhetorical criticism and discourse analysis—are presented in this collection to assist the scholar, teacher, student and pastor to better comprehend the precise meaning of New Testament text.

Rhetorical criticism is used to analyze words, phrases, symbolic or literary images, and discourse. It discovers how, and how well, these linguistic artifacts work in instructing, informing, and/or persuading their audience. It examines individual word choice and attempts to delve deeper into sentence structure to attain the writer’s true intent, coupling with its examination the historical significance of those words and phrases.

Discourse analysis is another tool used to help understand the Scriptures. Discourse is communication of thought by words; a discussion of a subject in speech or writing, particularly one that goes back and forth, such as in a debate or argument. Discourse analysis, therefore, examines the words and phrases of those speaking/writing to clearly understand the meaning and intent. It attempts to study the rules or patterns that characterize the individual units of connected speech or writing, defining the coherent sequences of sentences, propositions, or ‘turns-at-talk.’

The authors represented here are experts in their field, and they provide detailed explanations on how to use rhetorical criticism and discourse analysis to better understand the New Testament. Since the majority of these scholarly resources retail individually for well over $100.00, this collection offers the sixteen volumes at an excellent discount.

The Journal for the Study of the New Testament Supplement—JSNTS—(renamed the Library of New Testament Studies in 2005) is a premier book series that offers cutting-edge work for a readership of scholars, teachers in the field of New Testament studies, postgraduate students and advanced undergraduates. All the many and diverse aspects of New Testament study are represented and promoted in the series, including innovative work from historical perspectives, studies using social-scientific and literary theory, and developing theological, cultural and contextual approaches.

The Library of New Testament Studies is published regularly by T and T Clark International, a Continuum imprint and world-class religious academic publishing program. It is both interdisciplinary and international in scope, incorporating Sheffield Academic Press, T and T Clark, and Trinity Press International.

We have added Biblical Greek Language and Linguistics to this collection at no additional cost to you! Lock in your order now!

Resource Experts
  • Work from historical perspectives
  • Studies using social-scientific and literary theory
  • Ideal for teachers and students
  • Title: Studies in New Testament Greek and JSNTS Collection (17 vols.)
  • Volumes: 17
  • Pages: 5,243
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  1. Whyndell Grizzard
    I wish when they create collections like these they would assign it a designation that makes it easy to create a series or collection.
  2. Chris Stevens

    Chris Stevens


  3. Clifford B. Kvidahl
  4. J.R. Woods

    J.R. Woods


    I purchased this set about 2 years ago, and have still yet to mine their value completely. I am eager to dive into linguistic studies of the Greek New Testament and look forward to the insights that will come out of it in the years to come. This set is nothing less than incredible. Highly recommended. Highly.


Collection value: $486.83
Save $136.84 (28%)
Payment plans available in cart