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Build a Library as Unique as Your School

Want to bridge the gap between your students' academic life and your school’s values?

Imparting values and developing students to carry out the mission of your institution starts with something they use everyday. Their books! And with a Logos Custom Library you can readily equip all your students with access to resources you trust.

Logos Custom Library is a partnership between your school and Logos to provide a customized theological library of digital textbooks to students. It comes with Logos’s world-class Bible study platform that empowers students for quality research, expediting the process of finding scholarly sources, citing appropriately, studying the original languages, and more.

Get Started with Your Logos Custom Library

With Logos, you can link directly to specific chapters and sections, sending your students to their required reading in a single click or tap.

Step 1

Build a custom library

We’ll work closely with you to select the titles that go in a digital research library that reflects the needs and values of your school.

Step 2

Scale to fit your needs

With over 200 publishing partners, we have a vast selection of scholarly titles—all selectable and customizable to your needs, whether you need one resource or a library-sized bundle.

Step 3

Equip your students (at an incredible price)

Thanks to our trusted relationships with publishing partners, you can get substantial savings on the tools and resources in Logos.

Give Your Students More Than Books—Give Them an Experience

True success for a student requires more than just textbooks. And as online and self-directed models continue to develop, technology will become more vital to the learning process and student experience.

Partner with the best

The Logos platform is the world’s most recognizable Bible software brand. More pastors and scholars use Logos than any other digital study platform.

Provide resources that last a lifetime

We know that you’re not just teaching students, but future leaders, pastors, and academics. That’s why, when students get Logos through their school, they keep it for life.

Ensure equal access to the best tools

By providing Logos to every student, you ensure that those from diverse economic and demographic backgrounds are on equal footing with the rest of the student body.

How Can We Help You Equip Students for Success?

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