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Parallel Passages Collection (23 vols.)

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Get top-level analysis and multiple viewpoints on Bible passages that provide narrative or thematic parallels. Logos’s Parallel Passages feature draws from each one of these 23 resources to provide detailed accounts where biblical events are recorded more than once—especially in the historical books of the Old Testament (Kings, Chronicles, and Samuel) and the Gospels. Featuring classical and historical harmonies as well as those developed here at Faithlife, this collection gives you everything you need to see different experts’ research on the Bible’s parallels.

From Kurt Aland’s Synopsis to A.T. Robertson’s classic Harmony of the Gospels to Eusebius’ ancient and very early harmonized canons of the Gospels, this collection gathers everything you need to see where the Bible story overlaps and when each passage is supported by another passage on the same narrative. Together with commentary and textual notes, these volumes broaden your study of the biblical text.

Curious how these resources work in Logos? Watch the video below to see for yourself where you’ll be using them.

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  • Coverage of narrative overlap in Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles, as well as the four Gospels
  • Parallels between the deuterocanonical history and Josephus as well as thematic parallels in the New Testament epistles
  • Analysis of Old Testament passages which appear in the New Testament
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  1. Billy Avery

    Billy Avery


  2. Michael John Nisbett
    Too many Catholic resources. The credibility of the collection is compromised by this fact.
  3. hwang young sig
  4. Jeremy Korell

    Jeremy Korell


  5. Jonathan Spilger
  6. Unix



  7. Troy Corfield

    Troy Corfield


  8. Chad Ethridge

    Chad Ethridge


  9. John Chopores

    John Chopores


    Good idea.
  10. Denver Race

    Denver Race


This product is not currently available to purchase.