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Whether you are studying the Old Testament or New Testament, you are likely to encourage passages that sound a little similar. Logos’s Parallel Passages feature makes it possible to readily compare these similarities and differences with ease. Drawing from 25 detailed resources, the Parallel Passages Collection provides the tools and resources you need in order to study the numerous places where biblical events are recorded more than once—especially in the historical books of the Old Testament (Kings, Chronicles, and Samuel) and the Gospels. Featuring classical and historical harmonies as well as those developed here at Faithlife, this collection gives you everything you need to see different experts’ research on the Bible’s parallels.

Please note: This product does not contain Logos software—only books to enhance the experience of your study. There are numerous ways to upgrade to Logos—click here to find out which is best for you.

Key Features

  • Coverage of narrative overlap in Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles, as well as the four Gospels
  • Parallels between the deuterocanonical history and Josephus as well as thematic parallels in the New Testament epistles
  • Analysis of Old Testament passages which appear in the New Testament

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