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Gospel according to the Old Testament Series (13 vols.)

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This important series from noted pastor-scholars fulfills a great need for resources that show how the Old Testament presents and finds its fulfillment in the Gospel of Jesus Christ—not just in occasional Messianic prophecies, but in its essential message. Without falling into arbitrary allegory, the authors of this series present exegetically grounded exposition of Scripture that shows how all Old Testament doctrine and drama is about Christ, even when he is not on stage. The volumes in this collection cover various figures in, and portions of, the Old Testament. Discover the Gospel in the Joseph story, in the books of Judges, Zechariah, Hosea, and Daniel, in the lives of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, in the Old Testament presentation of Israel’s worship, and more.

  • Christ-centered interpretation of Old Testament figures, stories, and books
  • Accessible redemptive-historical exegesis from pastor-scholars
One of the most urgent needs of the church is to grasp how the many parts of the Bible fit together to make one ‘story line’ that culminates in Jesus Christ. This series of books goes a long way to meeting that need. Written at a thoughtful but popular level, it deserves wide circulation.

D. A. Carson, research professor, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

At last a series on the Old Testament designed to provide reliable exposition, biblical theology, and a focus on Christ. These books should be like manna in the desert to pastors, preachers, teachers, and many individual Christians who struggle to come to terms with how to read the Old Testament.

Sinclair Ferguson, senior minister, First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, SC

  • Title: Gospel according to the Old Testament Series
  • Series: Gospel according to the Old Testament Series
  • Publisher: P&R Publishing
  • Volumes: 13
  • Pages: 2,792
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  1. Robert Luff

    Robert Luff


    According to the publisher's website, there are 18 volumes in this series. Any chance the remaining five will soon be available on Logos? I would like to own them all in the same format, rather than 13 in digital form and 5 in print.
  2. Maryellen J Lewis
  3. Erick  R. Kendall
  4. Bradley Cowie

    Bradley Cowie


    This set seems a bit incomplete? Are there other volumes in the works?
  5. Matt Heerema

    Matt Heerema


  6. Yun Ill Yoo

    Yun Ill Yoo


  7. M. David Johnson
  8. W Russell Lyle III
  9. JoshInRI



    While doing some research on Daniel 1 for a sermon, I bought the hard copy of Hope in the Midst of A Hostile World: The Gospel according to Daniel. Its well written but I was surprised it pointed me on page 5 to "The Greek Additions" to Daniel suggesting I read those too and why. The author's assessment of apocalyptic portions of the Bible as something "addressed to the imagination" gave me pause too. On page 17 he writes "In the book of Daniel, there is no millennium, no systematic presentation of angelology or demonology, no Satan; and only cryptic and tangential referents to the second advent of Christ and final oppressor of the saints." Tangential?! I am not going to use this as my primary sourcebook or commentary on Daniel. Its made me question whether the other books in the series would be similarly mildly dismissive. I regard The Book of Daniel more highly.
This product is not currently available to purchase.