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The Numerical Bible Vol. 7: Hebrews to Revelation

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In his final volume, Grant explores the numerical and structural significance of the remaining epistles. He also devotes nearly half the volume to the complex imagery and numerical significance of Revelation, which has eluded commentators for centuries. Grant tackles the book with unreserved analysis of its numbers and symbols—and finds no shortage of either. From the role of the seven churches to the mark of the beast, Grant pushes the limits of his interpretive project to reveal the internal whole of Revelation, which complements the structure of the rest of the Bible.

  • Outlines of the structure
  • Chapter-by-chapter commentary and critical notes
  • Title: The Numerical Bible Vol. 7: Hebrews to Revelation
  • Author: Frederick W. Grant
  • Publisher: Loizeaux Brothers, Inc.
  • Publication Date: 1902
  • Pages: 509

Born in London in 1834, Frederick W. Grant converted to Christianity while reading the Bible. He attended King’s College before traveling to Toronto. At the time, the Church of England was expanding in Canada, and Grant became ordained. He later moved to the United States, and lived in Brooklyn, New York before moving to Plainfield, New Jersey. Grant was also deeply influenced by the teachings of the Plymouth Brethren. Grant died in 1902.