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Learn to Use Biblical Greek and Hebrew with Logos Bible Software



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Technical FAQs

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Additional Details

Videos come on 2 DVD-ROMs. The DVDs are designed for your computer and will not play in your television's DVD player. For best performance, you should move the files from the DVD to your hard drive.

These videos are for personal and classroom use. You may present them in a group setting, provided your students own a copy. You may also transfer the content of these DVD-ROMs to a single hard disk, provided you keep the original solely for backup or archival purposes.

These videos demonstrate learning techniques with Logos Bible Software 4. If you do not have Logos 4, there are four ways to get it. Check out your options! We strongly recommend Scholar's Library or higher for use with these videos.

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System Requirements

Windows 7 users may use MediaPlayer 12. It comes with Windows 7. (QuickTime 7.6.6 required to see chapter divisions within the videos)

All other Windows users, QuickTime 7.6.6 is required. If you do not have QuickTime 7.6.6, download it now.

Mac users may use either QuickTime X or QuickTime 7

Benefits for Your Study and Ministry


  • Refresh the Greek and Hebrew skills you learned in seminary or Bible college. If your ability to study with the original languages has slipped in the years or decades since seminary, these instructional videos will get you back on track.
  • Learn to use the powerful original language tools of Logos Bible Software as you study the original languages. Perform word studies and exegesis for next Sunday’s sermon. Take your study of God’s Word to a deeper level.

Lay Leaders and Students

  • Perhaps you’ve thought about attending seminary but never had the chance. Or maybe you’ve wanted to take Greek and Hebrew but never had the time. If you've wanted to learn how to use Greek and Hebrew in your Bible study but the time hasn't been right, then this is your chance.
  • Learn at your own pace. With these videos, you can work through the lessons at your own pace. Avoid the stress of a college-level or graduate-level classroom environment.
  • Learn how to study the Bible using Greek or Hebrew in the comfort of your own home, office, or study. Pause lessons, review previous material, and move on to the next lesson at your convenience.


  • Learn to Use Biblical Greek and Hebrew with Logos Bible Software is perfect for teaching preparation in your courses that focus on Greek and Hebrew tools for English readers. Use the videos to prepare your lessons. Learn new teaching methods, and glean ideas for your own teaching and lecturing on the original languages. Professors teaching traditional first year Greek and Hebrew courses can use the videos for showing students how to use their language training for exegesis. Please note that you may present them in a group setting, provided your students own a copy.
  • Integrate technology into the classroom. Supplement your teaching and lectures with high definition video. Help your students use Logos Bible Software for studying the Bible with the original languages.

Prohibited Uses

  • You may not copy the content except for backup purposes.
  • You may not copy the content for students in your classroom.
  • You may not place the content onto a server so that it is accessible via a public network such as the Internet or shared directories at your school.
  • You may not sublicense, sell, rent, lease, or lend any portion of the content.