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1,500 Illustrations for Biblical Preaching

, 2005
ISBN: 9781441254115

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Illustrations do not replace good preaching founded on God’s Word, but they add to its presentation, sometimes striking deep into a hearer’s heart. The right illustration can explain, clarify, and apply truth to your sermon. Dr. Green has carefully selected, developed and edited these illustrations for use by pastors, Bible study teachers and those who preach the Word of God. The illustrations are arranged alphabetically by topic, covering subjects from abortion, drugs, and divorce to faith, commitment, and Christian living. The book also includes a section of illustrations from selected Scriptures.

Please note: there is considerable overlap between the 1989 and the 2005 edition of Michael P. Green's Illustrations for Biblical Preaching. To save even more, purchase the 2005 edition as part of the Preachers Collection (7 vols.).

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“He was saying, in effect, ‘Make it your aim not to sin.’ As I thought about this, I realized that deep within my heart my real aim was not to sin ‘very much’—Can you imagine a soldier going into battle with the aim of ‘not getting hit very much?’ ’” (Pages 188–189)

“Many reconciliations have broken down because both parties have come prepared to forgive and unprepared to be forgiven” (Page 152)

“The Chinese word for ‘crisis’ is a combination of the symbols for ‘danger’ plus ‘opportunity.’” (Page 85)

“A little boy was asked by his father to say grace at the table. While the rest of the family waited, the little guy eyed every dish of food his mother had prepared. After the examination, he bowed his head and honestly prayed, ‘Lord, I don’t like the looks of it, but I thank you for it, and I’ll eat it anyway. Amen.” (Pages 375–376)

“One three-year-old’s explanation for being in the kitchen atop a chair, eating cookies: ‘I just climbed up to smell them, and my tooth got caught.” (Page 370)

The anecdotes, quotes, poems and observations in this book are the best on the market today. I recommend them highly to students at Denver Seminary, and I am delighted to endorse them to biblical preachers who know the power of the phrase “let me illustrate.”

—Haddon W. Robinson, from the Foreword

  • Title: 1,500 Illustrations for Biblical Preaching
  • Author: Michael Green
  • Publisher: Baker Academic
  • Publication Date: 2005
  • Pages: 448

E. Michael Green is chaplain for the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics, where he also teaches the evangelism module. He formerly served as senior research fellow at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford University, England, and as adviser in evangelism to the archbishops of Canterbury and York. As a pastor, evangelist, author and lecturer, he has taught and preached the New Testament for many years.


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