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The Fourth Dimension, Volume Two

Format: Digital
ISBN: 9780882705613


In this sequel, Dr. Cho reveals in greater depth the “faith secrets” that enabled him, through the Holy Spirit, to establish his church in Korea, which has the largest membership in the world. He shows how you, too, can develop dynamic faith, have true communion with God, overcome all spiritual obstacles, and destroy all spiritual barriers. What Dr. Cho has accomplished in the area of faith is possible for all Christians. This book shows the reader how to obtain that kind of faith.

  • Title: The Fourth Dimension
  • Author: David Yonggi Cho
  • Publisher: Bridge-Logos Publishers
  • Publication Date: 1983
  • Volume: Two
  • Pages: 181

David Yonggi Cho is the pastor of the Yoido Full Gospel Central Church in Seoul, Korea. The church has grown to become the largest worshiping body in the world with a congregation that numbers over 800,000 members, who are involved in more than 25,000 home cell groups. Dr. Cho is the author of several other books including, Unleashing the Power of Faith and A Leap of Faith. He studied theology under a scholarship at Full Gospel Bible College in Seoul, graduating in March, 1958. He has spent more than 44 years emphasizing the importance of cell group ministry. He founded Church Growth International, in 1976, to teach pastors the principles of evangelism and church growth. Southern Baptist pastor, Rick Warren conducted a Purpose-Driven conference at the Yoido Full Gospel Central Church, in 2006.