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Introducing New Testament Discourse Grammar: Video Series

Introducing New Testament Discourse Grammar: Video Series

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Greek explanations sometimes do little more than assign a label based on how it is translated into English, but they fall short of helping you understand the Greek as Greek. If you have studied Koine Greek for any period of time, you have probably come across things that make you scratch your head:

  • Imperatival participles: Is it an imperative, a participle, or some hybrid? Does it matter that the writer didn’t use a “normal” imperative?
  • Historical presents and futuristic aorists: Why would a writer use a present verb in the “wrong” context?
  • “Connective και´” versus “contrastive και´” versus “ascensive και´” versus “explanatory και´”: Is there one core meaning or a whole bunch of them?

If you have ever wanted answers to questions like these, if you want to have more confidence in your exegesis, then Introducing New Testament Discourse Grammar: Video Series is exactly what you have been looking for.

Steve Runge spent more than a decade looking for a better way of describing and applying Greek in ministry. He has turned his years of research into a suite of discourse-based resources, drawing practical insights from the work of linguists and Bible translators. This instructional series of over seven hours of video offers an unparalleled opportunity to learn how to apply this cutting-edge research very practically to your own exegesis.

Introducing New Testament Discourse Grammar: Video Series brings together the tools, concepts, and principles for understanding and working with the same analysis Steve Runge uses in the Lexham Discourse Greek New Testament and the Lexham Discourse Grammar of the Greek New Testament. These videos function essentially as a guided tour of the Discourse Grammar from the author himself, following its structure and organization. The video lessons line up closely with the table of contents in the grammar. Each one presents a discussion and overview of the relevant chapter with new additional examples and illustrations that supplement the information already provided. The result is a helpful synthesis of the material for faster and easier understanding of the concepts and analysis provided. This makes these videos a valuable source of additional examples and explanations when used alongside the Discourse Grammar of the Greek New Testament and the Lexham Discourse Greek New Testament.

Topics include:

  • Connecting Propositions: Conjunctives and Connectives
  • Forward-Pointing Reference & Target: Interrogatives, Demonstratives, and Adverbs
  • Point/Counterpoint Sets
  • Meta-Comments: Redundant Vocatives and Attention-getters
  • The Historical Present
  • Redundant Quotative Frames
  • Tail-Head Linkage
  • Introducing Information Structure
  • Framing Devices Part I: Topical, Temporal, and Spacial Frames
  • Framing Devices Part II: Conditional, Comparative, and Reason/Result Frames
  • Circumstantial Frames
  • Emphasis
  • Left-Dislocations
  • Overspecification and Right-Dislocation
  • Thematic Addition
  • Changed Reference and Thematic Address
  • Demonstratives and their Near/Far Distinction

It is strongly recommended that you use this video series in tandem with the Lexham Discourse Greek New Testament Bundle (6 vols.) or the Lexham Discourse Grammar of the Greek New Testament. Both the Discourse Grammar and the Discourse Greek New Testament: Introduction provide further discussion of the topics and principles presented in the videos.

Key Features

  • Guided tour of the Discourse Grammar
  • Discussion and overview of each chapter
  • Additional examples

Product Details

  • Title: Introducing New Testament Discourse Grammar: Video Series
  • Author: Steve Runge
  • Publisher: Lexham Press
  • Format: Videos come on 1 DVD-ROM. The DVD is designed for your computer and will not play in a normal DVD player. The videos are formatted in h.264 (HD) and optimized for Quicktime 7, Quicktime X, and Windows Media Player 12.
  • These videos are not designed for use on the iPhone or iPad.
  • A web-like user interface is included.
  • Leave the content on the DVD, or copy it to your hard drive.

About Steve Runge

Steve Runge has a Master of Theological Studies degree in Biblical Languages from Trinity Western Seminary in Langley, B.C., Canada, a BA in Speech Communication from Western Washington University, and a Doctor of Literature degree in Biblical Languages from the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa, which was supervised by Christo Van der Merwe. In preparation for his doctoral research, Steve completed several years of study in the linguistic fields of pragmatics and discourse grammar. He has served as an adjunct faculty member at Northwest Baptist Theological College, Trinity Western University, and Associated Canadian Theological Schools (ACTS) while completing his education. He is also very active in the church. He and his wife were married in 1990. They have two daughters, and live in Bellingham, Washington. Steve presently serves as a Scholar-in-Residence at Logos Bible Software, and where, along with this volume, he has developed the Lexham Discourse Greek New Testament and the Lexham High Definition New Testament.