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Wipf & Stock D.A. Carson Collection (5 vols.)

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Theologian and New Testament scholar D.A. Carson’s award-winning books have been celebrated for their combination of erudite scholarship and accessible, timely insights on the state of Western culture and thought. Carson has also edited and contributed to numerous scholarly volumes on doctrine and the contemporary church, hermeneutics, and biblical theology. This selection of some of those works includes contributions from world-class scholars such as Douglas Moo, John Frame, Kevin Vanhoozer, and R.T. France.

The essays in The Church in the Bible and the World demonstrate how ministers and theologians from diverse contexts apply the timeless message of Scripture to pressing cultural issues. In the classic Hermeneutics, Authority, and Canon, Carson and a bevy of master-scholars address sticky issues surrounding the doctrine of Scripture. These and other collections are accompanied by Carson’s oft-cited Divine Sovereignty and Human Responsibility—a comprehensive and authoritative look at one of the Bible’s most perplexing tensions.

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Key Features

  • Includes essay collections edited by D.A. Carson
  • Provides scholarship by prominent biblical scholars and theologians
  • Features Carson’s classic book Divine Sovereignty and Human Responsibility: Biblical Perspectives in Tension

Product Details

Individual Titles

Divine Sovereignty and Human Responsibility: Biblical Perspectives in Tension

  • Author: D.A. Carson
  • Publisher: Wipf & Stock
  • Publication Date: 2002
  • Pages: 284

Sample Pages: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Both theology and philosophy wrestle with the tension between divine sovereignty and human responsibility. In Christianity, this tension is particularly acute because God is both omnipotent and benevolent.

This tension underlies numerous other questions about the nature of God, the meaning of free will and choice, the concept of divine repentance, the reign of God, and perhaps most of all, the significance of the incarnation.

Renowned scholar D.A. Carson brings clear insights and finely-honed exegetical skills to this important issue. In his treatment, the tension between divine sovereignty and human responsibility is not so much as a problem to be solved as a framework to be explored.

Biblical Interpretation and the Church: The Problem of Contextualization

  • Editor: D.A. Carson
  • Publisher: Wipf & Stock
  • Publication Date: 2002
  • Pages: 240

Sample Pages: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

All too often, problems of biblical hermeneutics are so closely tied to technical biblical study that it’s difficult to see their relationship to day-to-day issues confronting the church. Here, eight international scholars from seven countries demonstrate the vital relevance of hermeneutics to everyday church life and ministry. The writers focus on the biblical doctrine of the church and how the church carries out its mission in various cultures.

Originally presented as lectures at Tyndale House in Cambridge, England, these essays have been revised in light of the discussion and criticism that followed. They include careful biblical analyses of the nature of the church, its opponents, and of such modern concerns as social justice and liberation theology. The result is a stimulating reassessment of the role that Scripture plays in bringing Christ to persons within their cultural contexts.


  • “A Sketch of the Factors in Determining Current Hermeneutical Debate in Cross-Cultural Contexts” by D.A. Carson
  • “The Church and the Kingdom of God: Some Hermeneutical Issues” by R.T. France
  • “The Church in the Gospel of Matthew: Hermeneutical Analysis of the Current Debate” by Gerhard Maier
  • “Interpreting the Biblical Models of the Church: A Hermeneutical Deepening of Ecclesiology” by Edmund P. Clowney
  • “Principalities and Powers: Opponnents of the Church” by Peter T. O’Brien
  • “The Church in African Theology: Description and Analysis of Hermeneutical Presuppositions” by Tite Tienou
  • “The Church in the Liberation Theology of Guitiérez: Description and Hermeneutical Analysis” by Emilio A. Nunex
  • “Social Justice: Underlying Hermeneutical Issues” by Russell P. Shedd

The Church in the Bible and the World: An International Study

  • Editor: D.A. Carson
  • Publisher: Wipf & Stock
  • Publication Date: 2002
  • Pages: 360

Sample Pages: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

As Christianity impacts vastly different social contexts around the world, new questions arise about the interpretation of the church’s biblical identity and mission. Contributors such as Edmund P. Clowney, Ronald Y.K. Fung, and D.A. Carson, discuss mission, ministry, worship, syncretism, persecution, biblical theology, and more in these essays from the World Evangelical Fellowship.


  • “The Biblical Theology of the Church” by Edmund P. Clowney
  • “The Church as a Heavenly and Eschatological Entity” by Peter T. O’Brien
  • “Worship in the New Testament Church” by Russell P. Shedd
  • “Ministry in the New Testament” by Ronald Y.K. Fung
  • “Church and Mission: Reflections on Contextualization and the Third Horizon” by D.A. Carson
  • “Syncretism, Secularization, and Renewal” by Sunand Sumithra
  • “The Church and Persecution” by David H. Adeney

From Sabbath to Lord’s Day: A Biblical, Historical and Theological Investigation

  • Editor: D.A. Carson
  • Publisher: Wipf & Stock
  • Publication Date: 1999
  • Pages: 444

Sample Pages: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

In this essay collection, celebrated New Testament scholar D.A. Carson and six other contributors argue that Sunday is “a new day of worship that was chosen to commemorate the unique, salvation-historical event of the death and resurrection of Christ, rather than merely being another day for celebrating the Sabbath.”


  • “The Sabbath in the Old Testament” by Harold H.P. Dressler
  • “A Summary of Sabbath Observance in Judaism at the Beginning of the Christian Era” by Christopher Rowland
  • “Jesus and the Sabbath in the Four Gospels” by D.A. Carson
  • “The Sabbath, Sunday, and the Law in Luke/Acts” by M. Max B. Turner
  • “The Sabbath/Sunday Question and the Law in the Pauline Corpus” by D.R. de Lacey
  • “Sabbath, Rest, and Eschatology in the New Testament” by A.T. Lincoln
  • “The Lord’s Day” by R.J. Bauckham
  • “Sabbath and Sunday in the Post-Apostolic Church” by R.J. Backham
  • “Sabbath and Sunday in the Medieval Church in the West” by R.J. Backham
  • “Sabbath and Sunday in the Protestant Tradition” by R.J. Backham
  • “From Sabbath to the Lord’s Day: A Biblical and Theological Perspective” by A.T. Lincoln

Hermeneutics, Authority, and Canon

  • Editors: D.A. Carson and John D. Woodbridge
  • Publisher: Wipf & Stock
  • Publication Date: 2005
  • Pages: 480

Sample Pages: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

In these essays, prominent scholars address issues such as recent scholarship on the doctrine of Scripture, the limits of harmonization, the impact of the Enlightenment on the doctrine of Scripture, and more. A long-celebrated resource with contributions from scholars such as Douglas J. Moo and Kevin Vanhoozer, Hermeneutics, Authority, and Canon will give you clarity on cherished doctrines that are, too often, little understood.


  • “Recent Developments in the Doctrine of Scripture” by D.A. Carson
  • “The Semantics of Biblical Literature: Truth and Scripture’s Diverse Literary Forms” by Kevin Vanhoozer
  • “The Place of Historical Reconstruction in New Testament Criticism” by Moisés Silva
  • “The Legitimacy and Limits of Harmonization” by Craig L. Blomberg
  • “The Problem of sensus plenoir” by Douglas J. Moo
  • “The Spirit and the Scriptures” by John Frame
  • “Some Misconception of the Impact of the ‘Englightenment’ on the Doctrine of Scripture” by John D. Woodbridge
  • “The Authority of Scripture in Karl Barth” by Geoffrey W. Bromiley
  • “The Biblical Canon” by David G. Dunbar
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About D.A. Carson

D.A. Carson (b. 1946) is one of the most respected New Testament scholars in the world. Currently research professor of New Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and president of The Gospel Coalition, his sermons are featured in the D.A. Carson Sermon Archive (553 sermons). You can find more of Carson’s work in the Baker D.A. Carson Collection (15 vols.) and the D.A. Carson “Love of God” Collection (3 vols.).


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Collection value: $112.95
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