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Lifeworks of Monte Sahlin, Part 3 (95 docs.)

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Continue your study of Adventist history and contemporary issues facing the SDA Church with the Lifeworks of Monte Sahlin, Part 3. Seventh-day Adventist researcher, pastor, and writer Monte Sahlin has served more than 100 community-based ministries, church plants and nonprofit organizations. Dr. Sahlin’s research reflects his wealth of experience and insight to the study of the SDA church, its members, and its mission—equipping you to better serve in your own community.

In this collection of articles, Sahlin presents SDA research findings and informed discussion on important topics relating to evangelism, church growth, urban ministry, social issues, and lay ministry development. Check out Sahlin’s discussion of cross cultural leadership, the history of the Ohio conference, mission group process, friendship evangelism, ethics, World AIDS Sabbath, social action, and much more. Combining data, discussion, and direction, Part 3 of this expansive collection is an indispensable tool for pastors, teachers and other leaders as they serve Adventist congregations.

In the Logos edition, the Lifeworks of Monte Sahlin, Part 3 is enhanced by amazing functionality. Scripture citations link directly to English translations, and important terms link to dictionaries, encyclopedias, and a wealth of other resources in your digital library. Perform powerful searches to find exactly what you’re looking for. Take the discussion with you using tablet and mobile apps. With Logos Bible Software, the most efficient and comprehensive research tools are in one place, so you get the most out of your study.

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Key Features

  • Presents SDA research on urban ministry, church growth, contemporary ethical issues and more
  • Offers compelling insights on a range of topics concerning Seventh-day Adventists
  • Covers friendship evangelism and mission group process

Product Details

Individual Titles

Adventist History

  • GODencounters: An Initiative to Engage Young Adults Is Still Going Strong after a Decade
  • Why You Should Take More than Passing Notice of the Death of Harold Richards
  • An Information Base for Strategic Planning
  • A Century of Adventist Presence in Takoma Park
  • Church Resources Consortium Future
  • The Ohio Conference: 150 Years Serving the Adventist Movement
  • Possible Outline for Call to the City [EGW Compilation]

City Lights

  • What Is a “Green” City?
  • What Are Individual Development Accounts?
  • Troubled Inner City Hospitals
  • CityLife
  • Online Training for Community Planning Volunteers
  • Cody’s Books: A Neighborhood Institution
  • Commuting—Is It Worth It?
  • Cut Your Electric Bill
  • Freezing to Death at Home in Our Community?
  • Metropolitan Blind Spots: The First Suburbs
  • Minimum Wage Will Not Pay the Rent
  • Mother Church of Gospel Music Burns
  • Movie about Metros
  • The Ethics of Hassling the Homeless
  • Emergency Food Pantry Faces an Emergency
  • Keller – NYC Evangelist
  • Leaving the Cities?
  • Goals for Rebuilding in Louisiana
  • Traffic Woes; Transit Grows
  • Come to Urban Congress
  • Does Suburban Sprawl Cause Violence and Crime?
  • Who Lives Downtown?
  • Sidewalk Art

Urban SDA Ministry

  • Cross Cultural Leadership with the Ethnic Majority
  • Mission Group Process, Part One: Finding a Call
  • Mission Group Process, Part Two: Sharing a Call
  • Mission Group Process Part Three: Developing a Covenant
  • Mission Group Process, Part Four: Exploring the Mission
  • Mission Group Process, Part Five: Getting Acquainted with Mission Context
  • Mission Group Process, Part Seven: Seeking Partnerships
  • When the Lights Go Out
  • Holidays—Special Opportunity
  • Pray for the Welfare of the City
  • Baltimore: Good News in a Blue-Collar City
  • Commentary on French Riots of 2005
  • Missionaries on an Island Named Manhattan
  • New York Metro Ministries Reviews First Year of Operations

Evangelism and Church Growth

  • An Expanding View of God's Purpose
  • Bench-marking for Mission: Outreach and Nurture Ministries in Congregations, Revised Version
  • The Environment of the Church: Government, Networking and Partnerships
  • Why Friendship Evangelism?
  • Friendship Evangelism—Mingling with Others
  • Friendship Evangelism—How to Show Compassion
  • Friendship Evangelism—Ministering to People’s Needs
  • Friendship Evangelism—Winning Confidence
  • Friendship Evangelism—Following Jesus
  • Friendship Evangelism: The Seven Core Concepts
  • Friendship Evangelism Newsletter: June 1998
  • Friendship Evangelism Newsletter: March 2000
  • Friendship Evangelism Newsletter: September 1998
  • Friendship Evangelism Newsletter: Number 4, 1999
  • How to Start a Mission
  • Membership Audit
  • Personal Evangelism, Part One: Readiness for Bible Studies
  • Personal Evangelism, Part Two: Giving Bible Studies
  • Personal Evangelism, Part Three: Getting Decisions
  • Personal Evangelism, Part Four: Preparing a Person for Baptism
  • NET 2004: Pastor's Manual
  • Net ‘96: Follow-up Survey of Participating Churches
  • Net Results
  • What Does Membership Mean Today? Part 1
  • What Does Membership Mean Today? Part 2
  • The Parable of the Seed & the Sower
  • What’s Happening to the Mission of the Church?
  • Real Estate and Stewardship: The Larger Issues of Christian Mission and Ethics
  • Sowing and Reaping: Evangelism and Outreach Activities in Local Churches across North America in 2004–2006

Compassion Ministries and Social Issues

  • Mobilize Your Community against the Number One Killer
  • Disaster: Devastation and Opportunity
  • Bioethics: Abortion, Euthanasia, End of Life Issues
  • Ethical Issues–War And Peace
  • The Mission of ADRA in the End of Time
  • Adventist Action against Torture
  • Why ADRA Does Not Discriminate
  • Why ADRA’s Work Is So Important to the Church
  • Adult: World Aids Day Program Guide
  • World AIDS Sabbath 2002
  • World AIDS Sabbath 2003
  • World AIDS Sabbath 2004
  • World AIDS Sabbath 2005
  • World AIDS Sabbath 2006
  • World AIDS Sabbath 2007
  • Worship through Service
  • Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book
  • Serving the Well-known and the Forgotten
  • What the Bible Really Teaches about Social Action

Lay Ministry Development

  • Is God Calling You?
  • Participant’s Workbook: Listening Lab Retreat
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About Monte Sahlin

Monte Sahlin is chairman of the board for the Center for Creative Ministry, a research organization and research center for SDA pastors and their congregations. He is also a senior fellow at the Center for Metropolitan Ministry, based at Washington Adventist University, as well as an adjunct faculty member at the Campolo Graduate School at Eastern University in Philadelphia and the Doctor of Ministry program at Andrews University. He is an ordained pastor in the Seventh-day Adventist Church, serving as a regional vice president as well as pastor of congregations in both major metropolitan areas and Appalachia. He’s been awarded an Outstanding Public Service Award by the US government. He has also written 21 books, over 100 research monographs, and many magazine articles.


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    Collection value: $949.05
    Save $889.10 (93%)

    Gathering interest