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Lifeworks of Monte Sahlin, Part 2 (116 docs.)

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In Part 2 of the Lifeworks of Monte Sahlin, the longtime Seventh-day Adventist researcher, pastor, and writer continues sharing from his wealth of insight into SDA ministry and church life.

Sahlin has both served and studied community development, evangelistic outreach and church building for more than half a century. He’s worked as a director, board chairman, or strategic consultant in more than 100 community-based ministries, church plants and nonprofit organizations. In this collection of articles and monographs, Sahlin presents sociological findings on important topics as they relate to the SDA Church, and discusses contemporary challenges and trends.

Examine resources like a profile of the Millennial generation and a survey of Adventist parents about Christian education. Study Adventist research on church growth, effective family ministry, ethnic diversity in the North American Division, pastor-teacher collaboration, and local church life. Discover a variety of resources on evangelism and discipleship that foster growth in Adventist congregations and train new leaders. Combining data, discussion, and direction, this collection is an indispensable tool for pastors, teachers and other leaders as they serve Adventist congregations.

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Complete your collection with Monte Sahlin’s Lifeworks parts one, three, and four!

Key Features

  • Adventist research on contemporary issues, church trends, and demographics
  • Resources for discipleship and evangelism
  • Variety of journal articles and sociological findings

Product Details

Individual Titles

Journal Articles

  • “There is Much to Celebrate”
  • “What Does the Obama Win Mean for the Adventist Church?”
  • “Evange Leben: Unsere Freunde werden Nachfolger Jesu”
  • “The Apocalypse: A Liturgy of Hope”
  • “Basic Adventist Resources for Discipleship”
  • “Church and Culture”
  • “Church and Culture #2”
  • “Church and Culture #3”
  • “Church Trends”
  • “Church Trends #2”
  • “Church Trends #3”
  • “Church Trends #4”
  • “Church Trends #5”
  • “Church Trends #6”
  • “Church Trends #7”
  • “Church Trends #8”
  • “Church Trends #9”
  • “Church Trends #10”
  • “Church Trends #11”
  • “Church Trends #12”
  • “Resources for a Discipleship Approach to Ministry”
  • “New Resources for Discipleship”
  • “Discipleship Resources”
  • “Discipleship Resources—March 2006”
  • “Discipleship Resources—August 2006”
  • “Discipleship Resources—October 2006”
  • “Discipleship Resources—February 2007”
  • “Discipleship Resources—April 2007”
  • “Discipleship Resources—May 2007”
  • “Discipleship Resources—June 2007”
  • “Discipleship Resources—July 2007”
  • “Discipleship Resources—Unused Items: 2006–2010 through 2007–2004”
  • “Discipleship Resources for the Adventist Review
  • “Resources—October 2007”
  • “Resources—November 2007”
  • “Resources—January 2008”
  • “Resources—February 2008”
  • “Resources—March 2008”
  • “Resources—April 2008”
  • “Resources—May 2008”
  • “Resources—June 2008”
  • “Resources—July 2008”
  • “Resources—August 2008”
  • “Resources—November 2008”
  • “Responding to Current Economic Needs”
  • “Resources/Tools of the Trade—January 2009”
  • “Tools of the Trade—February 2009”
  • “Tools of the Trade—March 2009”
  • “Tools of the Trade—April 2009”
  • “Tools of the Trade—June 2009”
  • “Tools of the Trade—July 2009”
  • “Tools of the Trade—October 2009”
  • “Tools of the Trade—November 2009”
  • “Tools of the Trade—December 2009”
  • “Tools of the Trade—April 2010”
  • “Tools of the Trade—March 2012”
  • “Tools of the Trade—November 2012”
  • “Pastor and Teacher—Cooperating for Success”
  • “How Group Dynamics Impact Your Ministry”
  • “Book Review: Good News in Growing Churches”
  • “Book Review: AIDS, a Manual for Pastoral Care”
  • “Are Adventist Pastors Teaching Hypnotism?”
  • “Friendship Evangelism”
  • “The Apprentice Method”
  • “NET ‘98: Reaching the Urban, Secular Audience”
  • “Reaching New Generations”
  • “New Resources for Pastors”
  • “Family Life Ministry that Works!”
  • “Where Have All the Members Gone?”
  • “Church Standards Today: Where Are We Going?”
  • “Preacher-Teacher Collaboration”
  • “Motivating Laity the Key”
  • “Equipping Your Members to Minister”
  • “Music and Adventism”
  • “What Makes Churches Grow? What Recent Adventist Research Reveals”
  • “Letters: Short-Circuit Current Leaders?”
  • “Letters: “Should We Be Postmodern to Minister to Postmoderns?”
  • “Letters: Teaching the Adventist Lifestyle”
  • “Letters: Church Growth, Part 1”
  • “Letters: Church Growth, Part 2”
  • “Letters: “Can the Church be ‘Relevant’ and Thrive?”
  • “Review: The Church at the End of the 20th Century”
  • “A New Day in Electronic Evangelism”
  • “My Hopes for the 2010 General Conference Session”
  • “Best Practices for Adventist Ministry: Monte Sahlin on Pastoral Tenure”
  • “Congregations: Planting the Church in a Mission Field Called Connecticut”
  • “Review: Friendship Counseling”
  • “Review: The Secret Message of Jesus”

Sociology Monographs & Articles

  • “The Millennial Generation: A Demographic, Ethnographic And Religious Profile”
  • “Minnesota Conference Survey of Members: Demographics, Involvement, Giving Practices and Attitudes”
  • “Adventist Local Church Life in the United States in 2005”
  • “4 Kinds of Believers”
  • “Adventist Splinter Group Becomes World’s Fastest-growing New Religion”
  • “Survey of Church Members conducted for the Allegheny East Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church”
  • “Attitudes toward Church Planting”
  • “Attitudes of Northwest Adventists about The Gleaner”
  • “Baby Boomers: The Clinton and Bush Segments—Clinton & Bush Segments”
  • “Survey of Adventist Parents about Christian Education”
  • “NAD Church Resource Center Product Awareness and Evaluation by Local Church Leaders”
  • “Communicating with Church Members: The Union Paper & the Internet”
  • “Case Study: Conflict in Sligo Church”
  • “Designing Leadership In-Service Education for Regional Conference Administrators”
  • “Large SDA Churches: Adventism’s Silent Majority”
  • “On the Threshold: Growing Ethnic Diversity in the North-American Division”
  • “Our World”
  • “Portrait of a Regional Conference Revisited”
  • “North American Division: Commission on the Public Image of the Church”
  • “The Seventh-day Adventist Church in Bermuda: Demographics, Opinions and Potential Prospects for the Future”
  • “Secondary Education Survey for the New Jersey Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church”
  • “Survey of Adventist Parents about Christian Secondary Education in the Columbia Union Conference”
  • “Potomac Conference: 2005 Survey of Church Boards & Elders”
  • “Survey of Pastors”
  • “Regional Conferences and Merging”
  • “Who Are North American Adventists?”
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About Monte Sahlin

Monte Sahlin is currently chairman of the board for the Center for Creative Ministry, a research organization and research center for SDA pastors and their congregations. He is also a senior fellow at the Center for Metropolitan Ministry, based at Washington Adventist University, as well as an adjunct faculty member at the Campolo Graduate School at Eastern University in Philadelphia and the Doctor of Ministry program at Andrews University. He is an ordained pastor in the Seventh-day Adventist Church, serving as a regional vice president as well as pastor of congregations in both major metropolitan areas and Appalachia. He’s been awarded an Outstanding Public Service Award by the US government. He has also written 21 books, over 100 research monographs, and many magazine articles.

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    Collection value: $1,158.84
    Save $1,098.89 (94%)

    Gathering interest