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Vines Intertwined: A History of Jews and Christians from the Babylonian Exile to the Advent of Islam

Format: Digital
ISBN: 9781441252418


The study of Jewish and Christian history in antiquity is experiencing a renaissance. Textual witnesses and archaeological sites are being reevaluated and revisited. As a result, author Leo Sandgren asserts that the relationship between Jews and Christians has shifted from a “mother-daughter” paradigm to one better described as “siblings.”

Recognizing that Judaism and Christianity are what they are because of each other and that they were not formed in isolation, Sandgren provides readers and researchers a comprehensive generation-by-generation political history of the Jews—from the fall of the First Temple to the start of the Middle Ages. With a good subject index and a strong chronological framework, this book is a convenient work on this extended period of antiquity. Making use of numerous contemporary studies as well as often neglected classics, Sandgren thoroughly develops the concept of “the people of God” and the core ideology behind Jewish and Christian self-definition.

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  • Presents a detailed history of Jews and Christians from 640 BC–AD 640
  • Features an extensive bibliography section for further study
  • Part One (640–201 BC)
    • From Josiah to the Fall of Jerusalem (640–586 BC)
    • Exile and Return (586–500 BC)
    • Restoration of Judah (500–400 BC)
    • The Hellenistic Age Begins (400–301 BC)
    • Ptolemaic Era (301–201 BC)
    • Synthesis of Part One: Religious Development—Foundations I (640–201 BC)
  • Part Two (201 BC–14 AD)
    • The Maccabean Revolt (201–161 BC)
    • Rise and Fall of the Hasmonean Kingdom (161–67 BC)
    • The Coming of Rome (67–27 BC)
    • Pax Augusta and Herod the Great (27 BC–14 AD)
    • Synthesis of Part Two: Religious Development—Foundations II (201 BC–14 AD)
  • Part Three (14–138 AD)
    • Birth of the Nazarenes (14–37 AD)
    • A Troubled Diaspora for Jews and Jewish Believers (37–54 AD)
    • The Great War (54–70 AD)
    • Jews and Christians without a Temple (70–117 AD)
    • Farewell Jerusalem: The Last Jewish War (117–138 AD)
    • Synthesis of Part Three: Jews and Christians I (14–138 AD)
  • Part Four (138–312 AD)
    • Antonine Peace and the Struggles of Jews and Christians (138–192 AD)
    • Severan Decay, Christian Growth, and the Glory of Judah the Prince (192–235 AD)
    • Roman Empire in Crisis and the Rise of Sasanian Persia (235–284 AD)
    • Diocletian and the Great Persecution of the Church (284–312 AD)
    • Synthesis of Part Four: Jews and Christians II (138–312 AD)
  • Part Five (312–455 AD)
    • Constantine and the Christian Empire (312–337 AD)
    • Julian the Apostate: A Dilemma for Christians and Jews (337–364 AD)
    • Theodosius I: The Christianization of Hellenes and Jews (364–395 AD)
    • Fall of Rome, Doctors of the Church, and New Heights for the Patriarch and Exilarch (395–420 AD)
    • The Sun Sets in the West and the Demise of the Jewish Patriarchate (420–455 AD)
    • Synthesis of Part Five: Jews and Christians III (312–455 AD)
  • Part Six (455–640 AD)
    • End of the Old Roman Empire and the Persecution of Persian Jews (455–491 AD)
    • Religious Tolerance in the West and the Expansion of Christians and Jews in the East (491–526 AD)
    • Justinian’s Byzantine Rome and the Impact of Caesaropapism on Christians, Pagans, Samaritans, and Jews (526–565 AD)
    • A Papal Throne for Christians and Jews (565–602 AD)
    • The Last Great War in Antiquity and the Advent of Islam (602–640 AD)
    • Synthesis of Part Six: Jews and Christians IV (455–640 AD)
The author charts the history of this expansive period in striking detail and with formidable accuracy and clarity of expression, with a focus on the implications for the complex relationship between Judaism and emergent Christianity. The coverage of the period before the appearance of Christianity demonstrates the profound influence of both Persian and Hellenistic cultures on Judaism—an important condition that would subsequently play a role in the relationship between Judaism and Christianity. Sandgren does justice to the complexity of this relationship and its distinctive features both in various regions and over the course of time. His close attention to the history of the relationship also helps avoid simple explanations for both the antipathy that marked this relationship in the early centuries and the startling examples of peaceful coexistence and interaction . . . it is very rewarding reading for anyone who perseveres through the deep scan of history its author provides.

The Bible Today

[Sandgren] presents Jews and Christians as siblings, emerging in the first centuries of the Common Era, with a common ancestry. . . . This he does in great historical detail, including maps and lists of prominent figures. . . . He reflects the latest scholarship; footnotes give ample scope for further exploration. This book is an invaluable source of information . . . More than that, it contributes to the ongoing dialogue between Jews and Christians by looking anew at their early history, and asking difficult questions about the relationship between rhetoric and reality.

Theological Book Review

The book . . . chronicl[es] how proto-Judaism became both Judaism and Christianity and how the two groups influenced each other up until the rise of Islam. In addition, Sandgren adds helpful maps and charts and an important synthesis at the end of each section. He also adds an extensive and useful epilogue explaining some of the other issues pertaining to a modern Jewish-Christian dialogue. . . . His detail is impeccable and his research has depth and is readable. This book does many things well, including showing the complexities of the shared history of Judaism and Christianity. In addition, the comprehensive bibliography includes both Jewish and Christian sources that should be important to both groups. This book is well written and convincing on many of the arguments. . . . Sandgren . . . adds an important historical analysis that should challenge anyone interested in the development and dialogue between Judaism and Christianity. This book is perhaps most profitable as a resource for further research. However, it also asks important questions.

Trinity Journal

Sandgren has done an admirable job in providing a large-scale and broadly middle-of-the-road overview of the history of Jews, Judaism, and the early church. . . . The intended audience is not the specialist, but the person who needs an introduction into any of the periods discussed.

Journal for the Study of the New Testament

Sandgren shows a remarkable knowledge of the grand sweep of western history (with occasional reference to its cultural landmarks) as well as the details of both Jewish and Christian history. He is even-handed and nonpolemical in his presentation. . . . One must be impressed with the diligence and erudition required in producing this book. It will be referred to often in discussions of the relations of Jews and Christians in the formative period for both modern religions.


  • Title: Vines Intertwined: A History of Jews and Christians from the Babylonian Exile to the Advent of Islam
  • Author: Leo Dupree Sandgren
  • Publisher: Baker Academic
  • Publication Date: 2010
  • Pages: 864

Leo Duprée Sandgren is an adjunct assistant professor of Judaism, Christian origins, and historical fiction at the University of Florida. He has lived in Israel, Africa, and Europe, and he is the author of The Shadow of God: Stories from Early Judaism.