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The Footsteps of the Messiah: A Study of the Sequence of Prophetic Events


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Using the Book of Revelation as an end time road map, Dr. Fruchtenbaum weaves the prophetic writings of the Hebrew Scriptures and Messiah’s teachings to reveal God’s plan for the future of Israel and the world. Dr. Fruchtenbaum gathers the many pieces of the prophetic puzzle and places them in sequential order with the result summed up by Dr. Charles Ryrie in his foreword: “Those who read this book cannot help but be instructed and stimulated by his work.”

Footsteps is detailed, thorough and scholarly, yet written in a style that the average reader can easily understand. With a wealth of wisdom drawn from his Jewish background and extensive research, the author even tackles the “problem passages” to provide a comprehensive overview of the entire range of prophetic truth.

Twenty years of teaching Eschatology since the original writing of this book has given Dr. Fruchtenbaum further reflections on some passages. This updated edition includes five new appendices to the book.

This resource is also available as part of Ariel Ministries Messianic Collection (11 volumes).


  • Introduction
  • The Times of the Gentiles
  • The Eschatology of the Visible Church:the Things Which Are—the Seven Churches
  • The Sequence of Pretribulational Events
  • Other Pretribulational Events
  • The Eschatology of the Invisible Church
  • Events in Heaven Prior to the Tribulation
  • The Great Tribulation: Introduction
  • The Beginning of the Tribulation
  • The Events of the First Half of the Tribulation
  • The Events of the Middle of the Tribulation
  • The Events of the Second Half of the Tribulation
  • The Great Tribulation: Additional Features and Facts
  • The Campaign of Armageddon and The Second Coming of Jesus the Messiah
  • The Seventy-five Day Interval
  • The Basis for the Belief in the Messianic Kingdom
  • General Characteristics of the Messianic Kingdom
  • The Government of the Messianic Kingdom
  • Israel in the Messianic Kingdom
  • The Gentiles in the Messianic Kingdom
  • The Aftermath
  • The Eternal Order
  • Conclusion

Praise for the Print Edition

In a thoroughly biblical, balanced, and clear presentation, Arnold Fruchtenbaum plainly lays out God’s plan for the future while avoiding the sensational errors of other prophetic writers. I have relied on this book as a resource for years.

—Michael Rydelnik, Professor of Jewish Studies Program, Moody Bible Institute

… the finest summation of the overall future development of world events as set forth in the entire Word of God…

—Dr. James O. Combs, Provost, Louisiana Baptist University

This clearly written study focuses attention on a vast number of prophetic texts in the Word of God. Therefore even those who may differ with the author on the sequence of some of the details will profit from a careful study of this book.

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Product Details

  • Title: The Footsteps of the Messiah: A Study of the Sequence of Prophetic Events
  • Author: Dr. Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum
  • Publisher: Ariel Ministries
  • Publication Date: 2004
  • Pages: 840

About Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum

One of the foremost authorities on the nation of Israel, Dr. Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum is a messianic believer and founder and director of Ariel Ministries, a Texas-based organization dedicated to evangelism and discipleship of Jewish people.

Dr. Fruchtenbaum was born in Siberia after his father was released from a communist prison there. Aided by the Israeli underground, the Fruchtenbaum family escaped from behind the Iron Curtain. While living in Germany from 1947 to 1951, Arnold received Orthodox training from his father – who had himself been reared to assume Chasidic (ultra-orthodox Jewish) leadership in Poland, only to later lose most of his family and his faith to the Holocaust. The Fruchtenbaums immigrated to New York, and five years later, at age 13, Arnold came to saving faith.

Before receiving his doctorate from New York University in 1989, Dr. Fruchtenbaum earned his Th. M. from Dallas Theological Seminary. His graduate work also includes studies at the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York City and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Having lived in Israel for three years, Dr. Fruchtenbaum’s intensive study of the role of that nation in God’s plan of world redemption has made him a much in-demand speaker at Bible conferences and schools throughout the world.

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  • Title: The Footsteps of the Messiah
  • Author: Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum
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  • Publisher: Ariel Ministries
  • Print Publication Date: 2004
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Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum

Dr. Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum (1943– ) is a messianic believer and founder and director of Ariel Ministries, an organization dedicated to evangelism and discipleship of Jewish people. He earned his doctorate from New York University and his MTh from Dallas Theological Seminary, and he studied at Jewish Theological Seminary and Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

As a child, Dr. Fruchtenbaum was trained by his father in Orthodox Judaism, but at age thirteen he came to believe that Jesus is the Messiah. He worked as a missionary with the American Board of Missions to Jews (known today as Chosen People Ministries) and served as editor of their monthly publication, The Chosen People.

Dr. Fruchtenbaum is the author of Ariel’s Bible Commentary: The Book of Genesis and the eleven volumes in the Ariel Ministries Messianic Collection, and he is the coauthor of How Jewish Is Christianity?: 2 Views on the Messianic Movement.


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  1. Robert J Richardson
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    Excellent reference and perspective from a Jewish point of view with references to the Talmud that add to the understanding of the End Times.

  3. John Redshaw

    John Redshaw


    A very thorough book and useful for referring back to. I appreciate the author's consistently literal interpretation and his honesty to declare when he is not sure.

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    Jeff Baker


  6. Kevin VanTongeren
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