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Waiting on God! Daily Messages for a Month
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Waiting on God! Daily Messages for a Month


Fleming H. Revell 1896

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In 31 meditations for a month of study, Andrew Murray mines the Old and New Testaments to remind us of God’s love and watchfulness over our lives. “Cease from expecting the least good from yourself, or the least help from anything there is in man, and just yield yourself unreservedly to God to work in you: He will do all for you.” The meditations average six pages in length, and work wonderfully for personal or group study.

In the Logos edition, all Scripture passages are tagged and appear on mouse-over. For scholarly work or personal Bible study, this makes these texts more powerful and easier to access than ever before. With the advanced search features of Logos Bible Software, you can perform powerful searches by topic or Scripture reference—finding, for example, every mention of “holiness” or “John 15:1–2.”

Key Features

  • Discusses the virtue of waiting on God
  • Features concise chapters, allowing easier processing of the readings
  • Contains 31 meditations for a month’s worth of daily study


  • The God of Our Salvation.—Ps. lxii. 1,
  • The Keynote of Life.—Gen. xlix. 18
  • The True Place of the Creature.—Ps. civ. 27, 28
  • For Supplies.—Ps. cxlv. 14, 15
  • For Instruction.—Ps. xxv. 4, 5
  • For All Saints.—Ps. xxv. 3
  • A Plea in Prayer.—Ps. xxv. 21
  • Strong and of Good Courage.—Ps. xxvii. 14
  • With the Heart.—Ps. xxxi. 24
  • In Humble Fear and Hope.—Ps. xxxiii. 18-22
  • Patiently.—Ps. xxxvii. 7, 9
  • Keeping His Ways.—Ps. xxxvii. 34
  • For More than We Know.—Ps. xxxix. 7, 8
  • The Way to the New Song.—Ps. xl. 1-3
  • For His Counsel—Ps. cvi. 13
  • And His Light in the Heart.—Ps. cxxx. 5, 6
  • In Times of Darkness.—Isa. viii. 17
  • To Reveal Himself.—Isa. xxv. 9
  • As a God of Judgment.—Isa. xxvi 8, 9
  • Who Waits on Us.—Isa. xxx. 18
  • The Almighty One.—Isa. xl. 31
  • Its Certainty of Blessing.—Isa. xlix. 23
  • For Unlooked-for Things.—Isa. lxiv. 4
  • To Know His Goodness.—Lam. iii. 25
  • Quietly.—Lam. iii. 26
  • In Holy Expectancy.—Mic. vii. 7
  • For Redemption.—Luke ii. 25, 38
  • For the Coming of His Son.—Luke xii. 36
  • For the Promise of the Father.—Acts i. 4
  • Continually.—Hos. xii. 6
  • Only.—Ps. lxii. 5, 6

Praise for the Print Edition

Sets forth very simply and clearly the blessedness of a life in which God is unceasingly giving and working, His child unceasingly waiting and receiving.

Christian Advocate

Product Details

  • Title: Waiting on God! Daily Messages for a Month
  • Author: Andrew Murray
  • Publisher: Fleming H. Revell Company
  • Pages: 151

About Andrew Murray

Andrew Murray (1828–1917) was born in Graaff Reinet, South Africa, to Dutch missionary parents. Educated at King’s College, Aberdeen, he then studied theology at the University of Utrecht. Andrew and his older brother John were ordained in the Dutch Reformed Church in 1848. Murray pastored South African churches in Bloemfontein, Worcester, Cape Town, and Wellington. A champion of missionary work, he founded the South African General Mission in 1889. That ministry continued to grow, and today it is part of the SIM (Serving in Mission) organization.

A prolific author and lecturer, Murray authored over 200 books during his lifetime, and he was invited to speak at churches and conferences all over the world. Married for over 60 years and the father of eight children, Murray passed away in January 1917.

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