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Sagrada Biblia: King James Atualizada (Portuguese-Brazilian) (BKJ)

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Gathering interest


The book that has most influenced mankind since 1611—the classic King James translation—is now available in Portuguese-Brazilian.

The translation of the King James Bible to Portuguese began more than 10 years ago under the influence and with great help from the unforgettable teacher of Princeton Theological Seminary, renowned expert on the Greek New Testament, Dr. Bruce M. Metzger. His talks with the board of Ibero-American Bible Society, especially with its President, Dr. Carlos Fushan, produced the creative spark for a new translation of the Scriptures according to the most ancient and faithful biblical manuscripts in the original languages: Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. Named in honor of the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible, this memorable translation was dedicated to the original-language documents, expertly translated with help from the renowned exegete and theologian Francisco Lacueva and Oswaldo Payon, publisher and president of IABS & Abba Press Brazil since 1998.

The Portuguese-Brazilian King James Bible integrates seamlessly with Logos Bible Software. Set it as your favorite translation, and watch it pop up as you mouse over Bible references. Read the Bible on your mobile device or side-by-side with another translation to compare translation differences—Logos makes anything possible.

  • Translated from the original languages into Portuguese
  • Integrates fully into Logos Bible Software 4 and 5
  • Title: Sagrada Biblia: King James Atualizada (Portuguese-Brazilian) (BKJ)
  • Edition: Revised
  • Publisher: Iberian-American Bible Society of Brazil
  • Publication Date: 2011
  • Pages: 3,322

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  1. Maxwell M. Felipe
    When it will be available? should we wait a few more years? At the moment I use the physical version.

  2. Charlie Galan

    Charlie Galan


    Could someone tell me if this version of Portuguese is modern or old version? I prefer an easier version to read, since I’m trying to learn the language. Thanks

  3. Renan



    Alguma previsão para o lançamento ?

  4. Carlos Leal

    Carlos Leal


    Adquiri a Bíblia King James em português, contudo, até o presente momento ela não se encontra disponível para mim.

    comprei a biblia king james em portugues e ela ainda não apareceu no logos 5 que tenho instalado, o que preciso fazer?

  6. Dale Mason

    Dale Mason


    I agree with our Brother Reginaldo James appeal a month ago "Don't look only to the gathered interest. Pay attention to waiting time and our interests". We are a very large population who have been waiting for a very long time for this tool in Logos for our Language. Roberto Dale Mason

  7. Sidney Rizzo Junior
    The King James is an interesting version. Portuguese translation will make it accessible to not only Englsh speaker people. I guess there are many people looking forward to use portuguese translation in Logos application. Wellcome! - Nós brasileiros gostaríamos muito de ler "Logos" em português.

  8. Reginaldo James

    Reginaldo James


    Don't look only to the gathered interest. Pay attention to waiting time and our interests.

  9. filkarane



    how long to release? I need this version!

  10. Antonio Douglas
    Please, King James in portuguese.


Digital list price: $14.95
Save $5.00 (33%)

Gathering interest