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The Sign

by Van Kampen, Robert

Crossway 2000

Runs on Windows, Mac and mobile.
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Based on the conviction that biblical prophecy will be literally fulfilled, The Sign powerfully presents the Bible’s teachings concerning the Antichrist’s identification and how he will control the world, the sign of the end of the age, the signal of Christ’s return, and the church and the Great Tribulation. This revised edition of the concise, sequential overview of the End Times has an urgent message for every Christian.

Can we know when the end of the age will occur, or even what will happen when it comes? In those days will the church experience a time of terrible persecution at the hands of a very real Antichrist? These questions have profound implications for every person alive - for those who know Christ as Savior and those who don't.

Key Features

  • 518 pages of information
  • Charts and Graphs to help you understand events of the end times
  • Hyperlinks to Scripture references
  • Outlines of End Times prophecies

About Robert Van Kampen

Robert Van Kampen is a successful businessman who has co-founded two missions agencies and two churches, as well as The Scriptorium, which has as its sole purpose the scholastic defense of the authenticity, accuracy, and authority of God's Word.