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‘Christ Our Captain’: An Introduction to Huldrych Zwingli
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‘Christ Our Captain’: An Introduction to Huldrych Zwingli


Quartz Hill 2011

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“This is the gospel, that sins are remitted in the name of Christ; and no heart ever received tidings more glad.” Huldrych Zwingli's contribution to the Reformation may have been just as important as Luther and Calvin's, yet many still don't know much about him, let alone read his powerful works. Zwingli preached against ecclesial corruption, fasting, the requirement of celibacy on the clergy, the veneration of saints, excommunication, and more—setting the stage for the Swiss Reformation.

In ‘Christ Our Captain’, Jim West presents a succinct biography of the First Reformer of Switzerland before providing original translations of excerpts from some of Zwingli's most important writings—writings appearing here for the first time in English. Covering topics such as prayer, salvation, heaven, and more, West's translations emanate the clarity and power of Zwingli's voice, and his commentary helps contextualize and illuminate the pious nature of a man whom so few have read. ‘Christ Our Captain’ is a primary text for understanding the life and writings of Zwingli, and a must-have for Reformation studies.

Key Features

  • Introduction to Zwingli and new English works translated by Jim West
  • Important for understanding the Swiss Reformation
  • Completely searchable and linked to your preferred Bible translation and other books in your library


  • Preface
  • Introduction: The Life of Zwingli
  • Zwingli on Prayer
  • Zwingli on Salvation
  • Zwingli on Christ
  • Zwingli on the Church
  • Zwingli on Scripture
  • Zwingli on Heaven
  • Annotated Bibliography
  • Appendix: The Berne Theses of 1528

Product Details

  • Title: ‘Christ Our Captain’: An Introduction to Huldrych Zwingli
  • Author: Jim West
  • Publisher: Quartz Hill Publishing House
  • Publication Date: 2011
  • Pages: 88

About Jim West

Dr. Jim West is Adjunct Professor of Biblical Studies at the Quartz Hill School of Theology and Pastor of Petros Baptist Church, Petros, Tennessee. He has written a number of books, book reviews, and articles, is a member of several scholarly societies, and serves as Language Editor for the Scandinavian Journal of the Old Testament and Language Revision Editor for the Copenhagen International Seminar.