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Greek Audio New Testament

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Listen to God’s Word like you’ve never heard it before! Bring the Greek text to life with the Greek Audio New Testament, now available from Logos. Listen to John Schwandt as he reads from the Greek New Testament, and follow along as each word is highlighted as it is read—just like karaoke!

Whether you’re a student looking for help with pronunciation, or a pastor looking to refresh your reading of the Greek text, the Greek Audio New Testament will make the Greek text more understandable and accessible. For students learning Greek for the first time, the Greek Audio New Testament is a vital study aid to help you hear the rhetorical devices and literary conventions as you read them. And for pastors, the Greek Audio New Testament will strengthen your grasp of the Greek language and help you apply your Greek to regular study and sermon preparation.

The Greek Audio New Testament is fully integrated into your digital library, giving you easy access to the audio of any text. In Logos, simply open a compatible resource like Nestle-Aland 27th Edition Greek New Testament, and use the function Control+R on a Windows machine or Command+R on a Mac on your keyboard to jumpstart the narration—it's that easy! You can watch the text come alive before your eyes while you hear it! You now have instant access to the audio of the entire New Testament!

What Resources Work with the Greek Audio New Testament in Logos?

*These items work with the Greek Audio New Testament karaoke feature.

Note: Logos 3 users, please click here to run the update for the Greek Audio New Testament.

Key Features

  • Works with both Windows and Mac
  • Professor Schwandt uses the Erasmian Greek pronunciation scheme, which is the standard in most seminaries and Bible schools

Product Details

  • Title: Greek Audio New Testament
  • Publisher: Logos Research Systems
  • Publication Date: 2009

About John D. Schwandt

John D. Schwandt, narrator of the Greek Audio New Testament, is a senior fellow of classical languages at New St. Andrews College, where he currently teaches Greek and has also taught Latin and Hebrew. He completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Idaho, and earned his Master of Arts from Westminster Theological Seminary in California. He regularly travels to Greece to work on fluency in Modern Greek.