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Greek Audio New Testament

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Listen to God’s Word like you’ve never heard it before! Listen to John Schwandt as he reads from the Greek New Testament, and follow along as each word is highlighted as it is read—just like karaoke!

Whether you’re a student looking for help with pronunciation, or a pastor looking to refresh your reading of the Greek text, the Greek Audio New Testament will make the Greek text more understandable and accessible. For students learning Greek for the first time, the Greek Audio New Testament Collection is a vital study aid to help you hear the rhetorical devices and literary conventions as you read them. And for pastors, the Greek Audio New Testament will strengthen your grasp of the Greek language and help you apply your Greek to regular study and sermon preparation.

The Greek Audio New Testament is fully integrated into your digital library, giving you easy access to the audio the Greek New Testament. In Logos, simply open a compatible resource like the Nestle-Aland 27th or 28th Greek New Testament, and use the function Control+R on a Windows machine or Command+R on a Mac on your keyboard to jumpstart the narration. You can watch the text come alive before your eyes while you hear it!

This product is available on mobile and desktop apps. The karaoke feature is available on desktop only.

  • Works with both Windows and Mac
  • Karaoke feature allows you to follow along while reading the Greek New Testament
  • Professor Schwandt uses the Erasmian Greek pronunciation scheme, which is the standard in most seminaries and Bible schools
  • Nestle-Aland Greek New Testament, 27th Edition
  • Nestle-Aland Greek New Testament, 27th Edition with McReynolds English Interlinear
  • Nestle-Aland Greek New Testament, 28th Edition
  • Analytical Greek New Testament
  • The Greek New Testament, Fourth Revised Edition (Interlinear with Morphology)
  • The Greek New Testament, Fourth Revised Edition (with Morphology)
  • The Greek New Testament, Fifth Revised Edition (with Morphology)
  • The Swanson New Testament Greek Morphology (UBS 4th Edition)
  • The Swanson New Testament Greek Morphology (Westcott-Hort Edition)
  • Title: Greek Audio New Testament Collection
  • Publisher: Logos Research Systems
  • Publication Date: 2009, 2019


16 ratings

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  1. Rev. Elton Wilson
  2. William MacLean MacLeod
  3. Jon A Covey

    Jon A Covey


    I was taught Greek pronunciation at Talbot Theological Seminary, which follows Machen's pronunciation guide. I'm not sure which pronunciation convention the John Schwandt is using, but it's okay with me. I can easily read along with him. One of the reviewers thought Schwandt, the reader had an Italian accent. I haven't heard much modern Greek, but it could be that John is using a combo of modern Greek and what I learned at Talbot. I don't like John pronouncing χ like a k when it precedes an accented short vowel, and like a guttural h when it precedes an unaccented short vowel, since I learned to pronounce χ like a ch in loch or Bach. This is evidence in Mt 10, which has plenty of χs. I noticed that Schwandt also favors a long ee sound for the iota. Still, that doesn't throw us off as we read along with him. We read with him at 0.75 speed. It is easy to follow even though his pronunciation is slightly different. Also, he pronounces the ψ like p-neuma, the way Bill Mounce insists in his biblical grammar textbook and videos. I gave 4 stars for this review because there isn't any karaoke-style highlighting going on with NA28. Another reviewer says it doesn't happen with NA27. Maybe there is a text somewhere that does do karaoke highlighting, but it's not really necessary. My wife is able to follow along and she has mastered only the first 5 lessons of Machen's grammar. She asked me to teach her Greek a few months ago. What's a nice, bat-mitzvahed Jewish girl doing learning Koine Greek anyway? And going to a Conservative Baptist church of all things. She loves Yeshua and trusts in Him for her salvation.
  4. NB.Mick



  5. Mark Robert Mitchell
  6. Jeff Baker

    Jeff Baker


  7. Rev. James Neuendorf
    The narrator sounds like an american tourist who is reading the text out loud in an Italian accent... There is no expression in the text or emphasis put on the key parts of speech, which removes all the benefit of an audio Bible. You don't get the impression that the reader understands what he is saying (although by his bio he apparently does), which is disappointing because I was hoping to capture a bit of the experience of the original performance reading of the early church. They are probably aiming for easier clarity, but it comes across as unrealistic instead.
  8. Glen K. Curry

    Glen K. Curry


    I just returned mine. It doesn’t work on mobile devices like it said when I purchased. They were unwilling to refund half so I could keep it for my desktop. I am disappointed in how they advertised. I was pretty disappointed that they would not discount so I could keep it. The Customer Service agent was very pleasant and tried to help me within the policies.
  9. George Simopoulos
    what pronunciation convention is used? modern, historical-reconstruction, Erasmian?
  10. Glenn Hendrickson
    I ended up returning this product. It does not work as advertised. 1) It says it is both available AND not available on mobile on different parts of the page (I told multiple people at Logos about this and as of one month later it hasn't changed). It is absolutely not available on mobile, for the record. 2) The product description claims that when you play the audio you can "follow along as each word is highlighted as it is read—just like karaoke" This is 100% false advertising. All that happens is the bouncing circle appears on the first verse of each new chapter. It doesn't even appear to note when a new verse is being read (as is the case with the audio for the ESV), let alone each word! (and yes, I attempted to use the NA27 which is marked as a resource which offers the karaoke feature. Completely untrue!) 3) As of Oct 2018 the same audio can be purchased on Amazon for about $19.95. Given that this Logos product is, essentially, not integrated into Logos software I would recommend saving your money with the cheaper option. Either way you will not be able to follow along "like karaoke." This has been a very frustrating experience with Logos.