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Logos 10 Full Feature Upgrade

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The Logos 10 Full Feature Upgrade includes every dataset and tool for biblical and theological research and study we have available. Perfect for the pastor, scholar, or any dedicated study of Scripture, the Full Feature Upgrade helps users discover new lessons from the text of the Bible. Harness the power of Logos to search your print books. Using your phone or tablet, scan the ISBN code to add printed resources to your Logos library and easily find the location of search results in your print books using the Print Library Catalog.The Clause Participants Guide, along with the Semantic Roles and Case Frames Analysis, help users understand relationships between the people in the Bible and how their relations are expressed in the text. When used alongside the discourse analysis datasets or the Source & Genre tagging, you can ask and discover answers to new and creative questions of the Bible. This complete collection of tools and datasets provides everything you need for both daily Bible study and serious research.

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Collection value: $7,719.25
Save $6,919.26 (89%)
Starting at $51.70/mo at checkout