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An Introduction to Christian Theology, 2nd ed.

ISBN: 9780567678201
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There has long been a need for a comprehensive but truly introductory single-authored textbook in theology. By introducing the reader to the biblical, doctrinal and contemporary dimensions of Christianity with the help of illustrated examples from selected primary texts, the book provides an excellent grounding in theology for both students of the discipline and the general reader. The work explores key ‘tools’ for the scientific study of theology, endeavoring both to affirm the rationale behind Christian thinking, and also to familiarize the reader with significant contrary positions. The solid foundations in biblical theology and hermeneutics given in the book will enable students to read Judeo-Christian scripture intelligently. Key testimonies regarding Jesus Christ are scrutinized and the nature of the New Testament discussed. As well as the emergence of doctrinal orthodoxy and the later disagreements which have shaped contemporary Christianity, the reader will become familiar with the dimensions of current Christian thinking in its dialogue with post-modernity.

This new edition will include an additional chapter examining Spirituality, and a series of podcasts for each chapter.

Key Features

  • Presents theological topics in a four-phase historical approach, from ancient to contemporary
  • Combines aspects of introductions, theologies, and Biblical studies into one volume
  • Appeals to a wide variety of age groups and reading levels



  • Thoughtful Conversation about God
  • Theology of Creation and Covenant

  • Genesis: God, Creation and Humanity
  • The Torah: Covenant, Exodus and the Law
  • Nebi’im: Prophets, Kings and Covenant
  • Ketubim: Priests, Poets, Wisdom
  • Theology of the Jesus Event

  • Gospels: Theology of Jesus as Messiah
  • The Theology of the Kingdom
  • Death and Resurrection
  • The Jesus Movement in the Acts of the Apostles
  • Paul
  • John as Theologian
  • Theology in the Classical Period

  • Canon: Scriptural Basis of Theology
  • Kerygma to Creeds
  • Councils and Controversy
  • Ecclesiology: New Israel, New Jesus, New Empire?
  • Augustine, Anselm, Aquinas
  • Sacraments
  • Ecclesiology in Three Dimensions
  • Theology in Modern and Contemporary Dialogue

  • Theology ‘versus’ Philosophy?
  • Theology ‘versus’ Science
  • Theology ‘versus’ Anthropology?
  • Dialogues in Different Voices
  • Dialogues in Ethics
  • Dialogues in Prayer
  • Dialogues in Faith
  • Dialogue and the Future
  • Customer Support: References and Readings

  • References, Extracts, Further Readings
  • Glossary and Timeline

Praise for the Print Edition

Towey is clearly a very gifted writer, and able to take his readers through dense and complex theological issues with assurance and clarity. In the highways and byways of Christian history, and the maze of doctrines, and theological and moral issues, he is as sure a guide as one could hope for.

Martyn Percy, Dean of Christ Church, Oxford

Look no further, students of Christian theology. In one volume Anthony Towey offers a masterful guide to Christianity from its biblical beginnings to its postmodern present. Prepare to encounter people, events and ideas that have sealed fates, shaped history, and stirred the hearts and minds of generations. With erudition, enthusiasm and humour, he has produced that rare thing: a compendium of Christian theology to make the brain hum and the heart sing.

Julie Clague, University of Glasgow, UK

Towey writes engagingly. He refreshingly takes the student of theology into areas that will allow them to sense the richness, complexity, problems and wonders of the Christian tradition.

—Gavin D’Costa, University of Bristol

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Anthony Towey has spent over 20 years teaching and lecturing in theology at every level. A skilled communicator, he is a former Academic Tutor of the English College, Rome, and currently Head of the School of Theology, Philosophy and History at St Mary’s University College, London.

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    Digital list price: $99.99
    Save $30.00 (30%)

    Ships 12/20/2023