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How to Get Logos 10: Your Options Explained

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Logos 10 offers new and improved features help you dig deeper into the Word, faster.

Logos user Richard W. says, “Logos 10 is faster, sleeker, and packed with even more powerful tools to help make the study of God’s Word easier and more enjoyable.”

We want that to be true for everyone—even if you’re on a tight budget for Bible study tools. (That’s why we have payment plans.) So whether you’re new to Logos or you’ve loved it for decades, read on for all your options.

Before you start, though, answer this one question:

“Do you already have a Logos package?”

If you do, keep reading. 

If you don’t already have a Logos package, skip to “If you don’t have a Logos package.”

If you already have a Logos package

No matter which upgrade you choose—or even if you don’t upgrade to Logos 10—you’ll keep all the books and features you currently have. No action needed, nothing to worry about.

If you’d like to upgrade, here’s how:

1. Get a Logos 10 complete upgrade (features + books)

For a complete upgrade, choose a Logos 10 full package. With that package, you get:

To see the differences between package levels, check out this comparison chart

And here’s a “hack” to help you get your dream library: you can save even if you’re buying multiple packages (e.g., Logos Silver, Logos Lutheran Silver, etc.).

Add the packages to your cart, and you’ll see your new total with in-cart Dynamic Pricing. Here’s one example of how it could look for someone who already owns Logos 9 Platinum and a few other resources:

  • Logos 10 Platinum on its own would be $739.49.
  • Logos 10 Anglican Platinum on its own would be $903.96.
  • When both are added to this user’s cart, the total is only $1,218.46 instead of $1,643.45.

As always, you’ll only pay for what you don’t already own. 

Sign in to see your Dynamic Pricing on all Logos 10 complete upgrades—and snag the launch discount while it lasts.

2. Upgrade only your features

If you’re not ready to upgrade your library by buying a complete package, you can still get all the new Logos 10 features with a feature upgrade. These give you the power of Logos 10 with the books you currently own. And, of course, you’ll also keep all your current features.

Feature upgrades now come in four levels. 

Want all the new features? The Full Feature Upgrade is for you. 

You can compare feature upgrades here, but here are a few highlights, new features only:

  • Starter includes Brian Rosner’s Regular Reading Workflow, Sara Hagerty’s Adoration Workflow, and increased access to church history.
  • Bronze includes the updated Timeline and read aloud/text-to-speech on mobile.
  • Silver includes auto translation on the web app and Bryan Chapell’s Christ-Centered Sermon Preparation Workflow.

For each level you step up (e.g., from Starter to Bronze), you get all the features of the level you’re buying and the previous level(s).

Since you’ll only pay for features you don’t already have, sign in to see your Dynamic Pricing. You could see significant savings!

3. Upgrade only your library

This option is for you if:

1. You’ve already bought (or have access to) a Logos 10 Full Feature Upgrade, and now you’d like more books. 
2. You’ve already purchased a Logos 10 package, and now you’d like more books.

If that describes you, upgrade just your library

1. If you’ve bought a Logos 10 Full Feature Upgrade, the price of all features will be subtracted from the cost of the package, so you’ll only pay for books you don’t already own.
2. If you’ve purchased a Logos 10 package, the price of all features and books you own will be subtracted from the cost of the package. So if you only want new books, select the same level of package you already purchased. (For example, if you bought Logos 10 Bronze, purchasing Logos 10 Charismatic Bronze will add only new books to your library.) 

Buying in packages like this means you’ll save around 90% compared to the cost of buying books individually. Then, you’ll save even more because you probably already own some of the books. Because of Dynamic Pricing, you won’t be paying for those again. 

Sign in to see the custom price for your library upgrade


We’re only a phone call away if you need any help choosing! Reach out to us at 888-670-3148.

Which Logos Option Fits You Best? Find out

If you don’t have Logos

1. Buy a Logos package

What are Logos packages?

A package is two things that work together: features and resources.

Features are Logos’ powerful tools helping you find insights in the Word faster.

You can get a smaller set of features with Logos 10 Starter and Bronze, or get more features to power your study with Logos 10 Silver, Gold, or above.

Resources are the books, courses, and other kinds of information those features rely on to deliver insights. The size and value of the libraries grow as you move through package levels. When you purchase a package, the resources are yours to keep and use on all your Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

Why are they worth getting?

The gist of it is:

  • You can study the Bible better. Ultimately, this is the reason to buy Logos—to dig into God’s Word at incredible depth, with unmatched accuracy and at lightning-fast speed. Learn how you can do that with Logos 10.
  • You get the latest Logos tools and a brand-new library. With one purchase, you know you have the most powerful version of Logos, plus a library curated to power those new features.
  • You get started in the most cost-effective way. On average, packages save you 90% when compared to purchasing books and features individually.
  • You only go up from here. You’re investing in a tool you can use and add to for years to come (and even pass on to future generations). And because of Dynamic Pricing, you never pay for the same book or feature twice. We automatically take into account what you already own and adjust your price accordingly.

How to choose a package

Try one of the methods below—or all! 

  • Try the Logos recommendations assistant. Answer a few questions about your budget and how you want to study the Bible, and we’ll suggest a package to match. 
  • Compare all our packages. Visit to see how different packages stack up.
  • Talk to a resource expert. Give us a call at (888) 670-3148. We’ll answer any questions you have and walk you through your options. 

2. Subscribe to Preaching Suite

Preaching Suite is—you guessed it—especially for preachers. But even if you’re not a preacher, it’s worth considering if you’re on a tight budget. 

Subscription options start at $19.99/month and include features and resources to help you study the Bible. Here are just a few:

  • ESV Expository Commentary, New Testament
  • The Preacher’s Notebook: The Collected Quotes, Illustrations, and Prayers of John Stott
  • Workflows for basic Bible study, expository sermon preparation, and topical sermon preparation
  • Lexham Survey of Theology
  • Theology Guide

Note that many new Logos 10 features like text-to-speech, the print library catalog, and auto translation are not included with Preaching Suite. 

Expanded Factbook tags, faster speed, simpler user interface, improved Sermon Builder, and the new Bryan Chapell Christ-Centered Sermon Preparation Workflow are included. Since it’s a subscription, your access will last as long as you’re subscribed, and you can cancel anytime.

You can start a fourteen-day free trial from this page.

Tip: Depending on how you’ll use Logos, choosing a package and a payment plan may be the better option for you in the long run—since any package you buy will be yours forever.


Need more info before making your decision? Get an overview of what’s new in Logos or give one of our resource experts a call at 888-670-3148.

Which Logos Option Fits You Best? Find out
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