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Logos Fundamentals

Logos Fundamentals

Get Logos Fundamentals for Just $49.99

Usually priced at $99.99, this package includes essential features and books to help you study God’s Word in-depth. Study any passage, topic, or biblical word with quick summaries and links to what you need to know. And because it only includes the essentials, you’ll discover biblical insights fast without getting overwhelmed.

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With options for every budget, this is the best way to ensure you’re getting the complete Logos experience at a price that works for you. Your upgrade will come with a collection of Logos tools that scan a built-in digital library every time you open a passage or look up a topic. And because you’re getting digital books at bulk prices, you could literally save thousands compared to print! Explore upgrades

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Upgrading your feature set is a great way to get more out of Logos without adding books to your library. Choose from Feature Upgrades with a selection of Logos features or everything we’ve ever made.

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