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    1. Search the Bible with greater precision

      With features like Clause Search, Search Suggestions, and Topic Guides, you’ll do deep, rewarding Bible study faster and with greater accuracy. You’ll find exactly what you’re looking for—even when you aren’t exactly sure what it is!

    2. Never pay for the same book twice

      No one wants to pay for what they already own! Our Custom Discount Calculator takes your current books and datasets into account and gives you a discount based on your current library.

      Upgrade today with the confidence that you’re only paying for content that’s new to you.

    3. Add significant content to your current library

      Logos 5 base packages are bigger than ever. By upgrading to Logos 5, you could be adding hundreds of new books! Plus, not only do you keep all your current books—they get an automatic update to work with Logos 5’s new tools.

      Upgrade to Logos 5 and get a deeper library for deeper study.

    4. Get exclusive, game-changing content

      In creating Logos 5, Logos spared no expense. Multiple scholars in residence created innovative and informative content, including datasets, features, and titles you’ll only find in a Logos 5 base package.

      Logos’ investment in Logos 5 will change the way you do Bible study forever. Upgrade today and see how.

    1. Get 50% off complementary bundles

      Not only will you add incredible content when you buy a Logos 5 base package—you can tailor it to your needs with specialized bundles priced at 50% off! Boost your new library with topical bundles on Greek, pastoral leadership, counseling, and more.

      You can only get this great deal when purchasing or upgrading to a new base package, so don’t miss your chance to save.

    2. Get new features without the steep learning curve

      You want to get deeper into God’s Word with new features like Clause Search, Sermon Starter Guide, and the Bible Sense Lexicon. But you don’t want to learn a whole new program.

      That’s why we’ve made the power of Logos 5 as accessible as possible. Whether you’re a seasoned scholar or you’re brand-new to Bible study, you’ll start learning new things the first time you open Logos 5. Upgrade today!

    3. See the Bible in the context of world history

      Logos 5’s new Timeline feature allows you to see events from biblical and church history in context. You can jump from tagged dates to the Timeline, so insight is never far away.

      Logos 5 helps you connect Scripture to your world in new ways. Upgrade to Logos 5 and start using the Timeline feature today.

      Video: Timeline Feature

    4. Discover the benefits of networked resources

      The value of Logos 5 isn’t in the sheer number of resources—it’s in the way your resources connect, creating a network of linked titles and tools. Logos 5’s networked resources, titles, and features make your content far more valuable than the sum of its parts.

      With Logos 5, we’ve created even more connections between your resources, the Scriptures, and you. Upgrade to Logos 5 now, and put these networked resources to work for you!

    1. Expand your library for less

      We didn’t just add new books to Logos 5 base packages—we rebuilt them from the ground up. Not only will you get tons of new content for pennies on the dollar; you’ll get titles that bring out the best of Logos 5’s new features.

      You’ll always keep the books you own, but purchasing an upgrade to your base package is the simplest way to add a significant number of new titles without breaking the bank.

    2. Understand the Bible’s people, places, and things

      Never wonder about any scriptural topic again. Bible Facts gives you a wealth of information on any person, place, event, or thing in Scripture. Keep learning with stunning infographics, maps, photos, and illustrations.

      You’ll discover valuable connections between people, geographical locations, and events. Bible Facts helps you create a cohesive and holistic view of scriptural information.

      Video: Bible Facts Feature

    3. Get the support you need

      Upgrading to Logos 5 doesn’t just give you cutting-edge Bible study software; it puts you in the center of a thriving community. Join nearly 120,000 users on our forums, or benefit from Logos’ first-rate customer service.

      Get the most out of your base package with certified training materials, as well as tips and tricks on the Logos blog.

    4. Always have the latest, most stable version

      New improvements are always being added to Logos 5—absolutely free. Your base package will always update to the newest available version. This means that when you’re using Logos 5, you’re using the most up-to-date version available.

    5. Study in community

      Your study doesn’t have to happen in a vacuum. With Logos 5, studying in community is easier than ever. Share thoughts, reading plans, prayer lists, sermon notes, and more.

    6. Upgrade to our most popular version yet

      Logos 5 is amazing! Ministry leaders, pastors, missionaries, and people everywhere are excited about its innovations and new features. It’s no wonder it’s our most well-received version to date.

      Rediscover what innovation looks like by upgrading to Logos 5!

    1. Logos 5 integrates with a larger family of services

      Logos 5 is a powerful tool in its own right, but it becomes a powerhouse when coupled with services like Vyrso, Faithlife, and Proclaim.

      Upgrading to Logos 5 helps you harmonize your devotional life, community, and worship.

    2. These discounted books may not be available later

      When we create new base packages, some books get removed and others get added. With Logos 5, we created all-new libraries— and removed many of the books from Logos 4.

      Upgrade now and you won’t miss out on tons of books at dramatic discounts—titles that may not be available in future base packages.

    3. Save extra on products you want

      When you upgrade to Logos 5, you can purchase some of our top products at up to 50% off! We don’t offer bigger discounts on these titles. And when you upgrade to Logos 5, you’ll get a one-time opportunity to add these popular titles to your library with significant savings.

    4. See the relationships between words

      The Bible Sense Lexicon helps you make word connections, research words’ meanings, and see how word senses relate.

      Upgrade now and experience biblical languages in a whole new way.

      Video: Bible Sense Lexicon Feature

    What features are new in Logos 5?

    For an inside look at Logos 5’s new features, check out our video or click here for even more details. All features are available in the Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Portfolio base packages.

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      A Bible study powerhouse. Logos 5 Gold comes with all our features: the Timeline, the Bible Sense Lexicon, Sermon Starter, and everything from the lower base packages. Plus, you’ll get a huge library of nearly 1,100 resources worth over $20,000 in print. Learn more
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    30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
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    Discounts for Books You Already Own
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    Includes All Features
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    50% off Topical Bundles All the Time
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    The Price You Pay $294.95 $629.95 $999.95 $1,549.95 $2,149.95 $3,449.95 $4,979.95
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