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How to Upgrade to Logos 7


Get a Logos 7 Base Package

Base Package lineup

A base package is the best way to experience the full power of Logos 7. Each base package level includes a Logos 7 Feature Set plus a brand new theological Logos 7 library carefully curated to help you get the most out of those features. Plus, if you own a previous version of Logos, you can add to what you already own without having to pay twice.

There are many base package levels to choose from. If you want all the features of Logos 7, check out Bronze base packages and above.

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Get a Logos Feature Set

Base Package lineup

For the best experience, we recommend getting a Logos 7 Feature Set and library together. But if you’re happy with your current library, we have you covered—you can choose between three levels of Feature Sets to choose from; Starter, Full, and Extended.

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Get Started with Logos 7 Basic


Want to experience the look and feel of Logos 7 without new books and most of the features? Logos 7 Basic is a limited-feature version of Logos 7. With no credit card required, enjoy select features that are included in Logos 7 base packages, as well as a few datasets, books, and other resources*.

If you upgrade to Logos 7 Basic, you won’t lose any previous features or resources you already own.

*The features, datasets, and books provided in Logos 7 Basic are “access-only”, which means you have access to them, but do not own them permanently.

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