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Present Truth in the
21st Century

Study the present truth of scripture like never before with a vast, interconnected library of SDA resources from authors like Jon Paulien, Hans K. LaRondelle, Monte Sahlin, and many more. Logos SDA is your hub for news, updates, and new resources pertaining to your tradition.

Logos 6 SDA

Take your study to the next level with a handpicked library of SDA resources and powerful tools, like Factbook, Ancient Literature, and Cultural Concepts.

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“I've tried all the major Bible study software. Logos is light years ahead of the rest. . . the search is over.”
“As one who has come to rely on the quality of Logos in exploring God's Word, I am thrilled that they are expanding the SDA product line.”
Mike Tucker Speaker and director, Faith For Today Television
“It is exciting that Logos is making available a powerful collection of SDA study resources that are easily searchable in electronic format. The future is now!”
Jon Paulien Loma Linda University dean of the School of Religion
“Nothing is more critical to sound scholarship than superior study and reference tools. For me, this means Logos...”
Mark A. Kellner News editor, Adventist Review and Adventist World magazines
“Logos...has been a tremendous resource, but now they are moving to a new level in adding so much SDA material.”
Jac Colon Evangelist and author
“I'm excited Logos is developing a product line for Adventists that will greatly simplify searches and enhance Bible study...”
Phil Mills Physician and lay speaker

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