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The Works of the Rev. Sydney Smith, Vol. II

The Works of the Rev. Sydney Smith, Vol. II

Sydney Smith

| Longman | 1848


“The object of preaching,” said Sydney Smith, “is constantly to remind mankind of what mankind are constantly forgetting; not to supply the defects of human intelligence, but to fortify the feebleness of human resolutions.” Whatever else Smith was doing with his life, whether a scholar, a tutor, a writer, or a clergyman, he was also a preacher. Moreover, he was a preacher with a remarkable ability to create witty, quotable phrases that carry deeper meaning. He published satirical letters under the pen name Peter Plymley, protesting the unequal treatment of Roman Catholics. As an Anglican minister, Smith was well loved by all the people of his parish for supporting their practical needs as well as their spiritual. Smith kept up an extensive correspondence with various political figures throughout his life and was a tireless advocate of religious freedom. Volume two contains 25 of Smith’s articles published in the Edinburgh Review.

• Madame D’Epinay

• America

• Game Laws

• Botany Bay

• Chimney Sweepers

• Mission to Ashantee

• America

• Poor-Laws

• Ireland

• Anastasius

• Spring Guns

• Prisons

• Man Traps and Spring Guns

• Scarlett’s Poor-Bill

• Prisons

• Persecuting Bishops

• Botany Bay

• Game Laws

• Cruel Treatment of Untried Prisoners

• America

• Memoirs of Captain Rock

• Bentham on Fallacies

• Waterton

• Granby

• Hamilton’s Method of Teaching Languages


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