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In this short work, Witsius explains the controversy surrounding reason and logic in religion. He clearly introduces some foundational issues, such as the definition of reason and how it is used to determine truth and reality. Witsius goes on from there to discuss its place in religion and how believers relate to God and spiritual matters. Separated into thirty-four concise paragraphs, Witsius uses Scripture and deductive reasoning to provide understanding of reason in the life of a believer.

Author Bio

Hermann Witsius (1636– 708), Dutch theologian, was born at Enkhuisen, North Holland, and studied at Groningen, Leiden and Utrecht. He was ordained to the ministry, becoming pastor at Westwoud in 1656 and afterwards at Wormeren, Goesen, and Leeuwaarden, and became professor of divinity successively at the University of Franeker in 1675 and then at the University of Utrecht in 1680. In 1698 he went to the University of Leiden as the successor of the younger Friedrich Spanheim (1632–1701), where he died.