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Religious Verbal-Fluidity: What Nice Christian Folk Really Think …

Religious Verbal-Fluidity: What Nice Christian Folk Really Think …

Leanne M. Sigvartsen

| | 2015

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In Religious Verbal Fluidity, Leanne M. Sigvartsen compiles her research on the attitudes of Christians on a variety of topics of contemporary discussion—including sexism, divorce, nepotism, homosexuality, apostasy, and bequests. This work presents the words of Christians from different ages, countries, ethnicities, socio-economic levels and educational backgrounds, who have lived very different, and at times, difficult lives. Sigvartsen calls church leaders, pastors, and lay members to stop guessing and get a real overview of Christian perspectives and experiences with relation to some touchy topics. Her work offers a window onto how people experience their faith and what life experiences influenced it, identifying what people need from their churches and from each other. It also provides insight into where the church is succeeding, and where there is room for improvement. Most of all, Sigvartsen suggests, these perspectives give us the opportunity to learn from others and collaboratively seek a solution that benefits all.

Author Bio

Leanne M. Sigvartsen holds bachelor, post graduate and masters qualifications in psychology and counseling. She has designed and managed a number of research projects including the Sex and Sensibility study, which investigated sexist and sociocultural attitudes among Seventh-day Adventists. She has formerly worked in treating youth and young adults who had experienced workplace sexual assault, sexual harassment, bullying, and unfair dismissal and discrimination.