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Images from The Temple Dictionary of the Bible

Images from The Temple Dictionary of the Bible

Richard Myers

| Faithlife | 2012

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The Reverends W. Ewing and J.E.H. Thompson published The Temple Dictionary of the Bible in 1910 to answer the conjectures of Higher Criticism, to provide an overview of the Bible and biblical theology, and to explain the Bible’s setting in geography, topography, natural history, and culture. The authors hoped that the black and white illustrations would “…prove not only attractive but highly useful. Some…show…objects of interest, ancient methods of work, etc.; others enable the reader to realize more vividly the background and atmosphere of the Bible history.” From this public domain resource, Logos chose 388 images that best illustrate and explain the biblical world. We’ve added brief image descriptions and lists of pertinent Bible verses to enrich and streamline your Bible study.