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Gospel harmonies were inevitable. One of the first impulses of someone studying a teaching or an event in Jesus’ life is to seek as many perspectives on that event as possible. Around A.D. 160 Tatian compiled a single narrative of the four Gospels, reducing the number of verses from 3,780 (four separate Gospels) to 2,769 verses without excluding any event or teaching from the life of Jesus.

This Harmony of the Gospels builds on a tradition of harmonization begun in the nineteenth century by John A. Broadus and continued by his protégé, A. T. Robertson.

The Harmony of the Gospels contains interpretive and clarifying notes by a number of scholars, some with differing views on the relationship between various Gospel accounts. Beyond the harmony, this volume includes articles designed to address issues that arise when one compares the four Gospels and seeks to give an integrated account of the life and teachings of Jesus. This harmony also contains eight four-color maps that illuminate the life and ministry of Jesus. This resource will be valuable to pastors and lay Bible teachers, and will serve well as a primary textbook in college and seminary courses on the Gospels and on the life and teachings of Jesus.