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This clear and thorough summary of the teaching of God's Word on the subject of the Antichrist, as to his character, time of his appearance, his work and doom, will greatly help the Bible student to better understand this prophetic person. Prominent in the author's presentation is the relationship of the Antichrist to Israel. He draws his conclusions from a systematic study of references to the Antichrist in the Psalms, the Prophets, the Gospels, the Epistles and Revelation. No investigation of the Antichrist can be complete without a careful study and application of the prophetic truths contained in this classic work.

Author Bio

A. W. Pink (1886–1952) pastored churches in the United States and Australia for most of his working life. At the age of 24, Pink experienced an evangelical conversion and crossed the Atlantic from Great Britain to study at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. But after only six weeks, he left to take up a pastoral ministry during which he found his way to a strictly Calvinistic position in theology.

In 1922, Pink produced a monthly magazine entitled Studies in the Scriptures which circulated among English-speaking Christians worldwide. Pink devoted his life to the study and exposition of the Scriptures and became the author, also under the name Arthur Walkington Pink, of numerous books which the Banner of Truth Trust began publishing after Pink’s death.

Articles, books, tracts, and pamphlets, including the notable Exposition of Hebrews and The Nature of God, can be found in the A. W. Pink Collection (40 vols.). Also available from Logos are The Godhood of God, Why Four Gospels?, The Divine Inspiration of the Bible, and The Law and the Saint.