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A. W. Pink Collection (40 vols.)

, 1962–2005

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If you have read and appreciated C. H. Spurgeon, you'll love the writing of Arthur Walkington Pink, author of A Fourfold Salvation!

This collection of 40 titles by A. W. Pink should be part of every Christian's study library. A practical theologian with a pastor's heart, Pink has shaped the thinking of a generation of believers—especially on the topic of divine election and God's sovereignty.

During most of his lifetime, Pink was not well-known or widely read. He quietly pastored churches in the United States and Australia for most of his working life. In 1922, he started a magazine entitled Studies in Scriptures which circulated among English-speaking Christians worldwide. The magazine "was feeding several of the men who were leading a return to doctrinal Christianity, including Martyn Lloyd-Jones and Douglas Johnson (founder of Inter-Varsity)" but did not gain a lot of attention or subscriptions, and Pink died in relative obscurity.

"...the widespread circulation of [Pink's] writings after his death made him one of the most influential evangelical authors in the second half of the twentieth century."

After Pink's death, his works were republished by The Banner of Truth Trust and reached a much wider audience as a result. Biographer Iain H. Murrary observes of Pink, "the widespread circulation of his writings after his death made him one of the most influential evangelical authors in the second half of the twentieth century." His writing sparked a revival of expository preaching and focused readers' hearts on biblical living. Yet even today, Pink is left out of most biographical dictionaries and overlooked in many religious histories.

In his commentary on Ephesians for the Preaching the Word series, R. Kent Hughes relates how his life was changed through an encounter with Pink's writings: "As a sixteen-year-old I read Arthur W. Pink’s The Sovereignty of God, through which I was made to see the transcendent holiness of God, my own utter sinfulness, and his sovereign working in bringing men and women to himself."

We bring you the writings of A. W. Pink in the hopes that you, like Hughes, will find them to be challenging and inspirational. Here is a writer, beloved by many, who expressed with clarity and courage many timeless truths of Scripture.

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This collection includes 40 books and 68 booklets and pamphlets, all written by Arthur Pink. The booklets and pamphlets are collected together into one volume, entitled The Arthur Pink Anthology. In these brief articles, Pink addresses topics ranging from anxiety to tithing and from family worship to eternal punishment.

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  • Title: A. W. Pink Collection
  • Author: A. W. Pink
  • Publisher: Logos Research Systems, Inc.
  • Volumes: 40
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Excerpted from Westminster Theological Journal(Vol. 45, Page 479):

"...a native of Nottingham, England, whose life as a pastor and writer was spent in a variety of locations in the British Isles, the United States, and Australia. As a young man he turned away from the Christian faith of his parents and became an adherent of the theosophical cult; but then he experienced an evangelical conversion and crossed the Atlantic in 1910, at the age of 24, to become a student at the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. After only six weeks, however, he left to take up a pastoral ministry. It was during the years that followed that he found his way to a strictly Calvinistic position in theology. He was soon wielding a quite prolific pen. As one whose life was devoted to the study and exposition of the Scriptures, he became the author of numerous books which the Banner of Truth Trust has been assiduously reprinting in recent times. No doubt his chief monument is the paper Studies in the Scriptures which he produced monthly and regularly for a period of thirty years from the beginning of 1922 until his death in 1952."

Excerpted from a review of Pink's biography:

"How do you evaluate the success of a Christian life? Reading the Bible through more than 50 times, sometimes ten chapters a day?

"Writing a total of 20,000 letters (by hand!) to Christian friends and enquirers after the faith? Studying for and writing 2,000 expository articles on biblical topics? Publishing a struggling Bible study magazine for years, with no more than a few hundred worldwide subscribers? Preaching in England, America and Australia until no churches would receive that ministry? Reluctance to become a regular member of any Christian church and observing the Lord's Day for years privately at home? Do you judge this man's Christian life a success?

"Or do you judge him by the fact that 'his influence circles the globe and today a mighty host of preachers of various denominations are using his materials and preaching to congregations large and small, the truths he mined from the Word of God' (John Thornbury)."

by John Appleby


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