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Pastors and Deacons: Servants Working Together

ISBN: 9781935507321
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How should a church be organized? What functions do the pastors, deacons, and congregation serve? Who qualifies for the offices of pastors and deacon? How should a church manage its finances? How does a congregation biblically address problems? The authors answer these important questions and many more. As fellow servants in the same church, the authors have collaborated in the writing of this book. Pastors and Deacons is a practical exposition and application of biblical principles of church organization and leadership. The "on-the-job," real-life experiences of the authors make this a particularly practical book.

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  • Each chapter includes a review, study guide, and application section to further challenge and encourage the reader
  • Five Appendices at the end of the book give further tools, including:
    1. Eleven Commandments for an Enthusiastic Team
    2. Sample Deacons Meeting Agenda
    3. Sample Deacon Candidate Questionnaire
    4. Sample Standards of Conduct
    5. Sample Church Constitution and By-Laws
  • All Scripture references link directly to the Bibles in your library
Pastor and Deacons offers insights and practical suggestions for every pastor and deacon who longs to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ. The biblical philosophy presented in this book reminds us of the important pastor/deacon relationship.

—Paul Chappell, senior pastor, Lancaster Baptist Church, Lancaster, California

I have found Pastor and Deacons a wonderful tool to teach the practical aspects and proper relationships of the two church offices we Baptists hold so highly. Any pastor, deacon, or ministerial student will benefit greatly

—Rick Arrowood, senior pastor, Crosspointe Baptist Church, Indianapolis, Indiana

Pastor and Deacons is a must-read for all those in church leadership. I have seen the scriptural principles exemplified in the lives of my pastor, Dr. Carl Herbster and my friend, Ken Howerton. This book is biblical, practical and helpful. It is chock-full of "how to" ideas that will strengthen relationships and promote spiritual unity in the local church. The principles on church discipline and the chapter on "Dealing with Difficulties" are worth the price of the book. Pastor, get this book and you will refer to it often.

—Dr. Tom Farrell, evangelist

  • Title: Pastor and Deacons: Servants Working Together
  • Authors: Carl Herbster and Kenneth Howerton
  • Publisher: Ambassador
  • Publication Date: 2010
  • Pages: 235

Dr. Carl Herbster is the senior pastor at Tri-City Ministries in Independence, Missouri. He and his wife Debbie have three sons, who, along with their wives, also serve in full-time ministry. God used Pastor Herbster's early years in business to prepare him for varied ministry. Tri-City also sponsors a Christian day school, a seminary, a foreign missions agency, and a Christian camp. The church has also started many churches, both locally and internationally, and Bible colleges in Mexico and Romania. Pastor Herbster is the founder of AdvanceUSA (a values action organization) and has served as president of the American Association of Christian Schools. Dr. Herbster has a pastor's heart, a businessman's sense, a teacher's spirit, and a parent's wisdom. With this background he writes biblically and practically on the organization of the local New Testament church and how a pastor and deacons can serve together harmoniously.

Ken Howerton's life is all about people. He has served as a deacon and as chairman of deacons in two churches (Missouri and Tennessee). He has been a Sunday school teacher for fifth-grade boys, a bus director, and a choir member. Since his retirement from IBM, he has given his time to work with the Tri-City Baptist Missions office. His career as a certified project manager with IBM required him to collaborate with many people to accomplish very large jobs. He also served as a Quality Assurance Manager, taught the IBM Global Service System Integration methodology in the company, and mentored professionals in IBM systems of project management. The Howertons have also seen God's blessing in their family, with three children and eleven grandchildren. As a man of proven integrity, insight, loyalty, and leadership, Ken Howerton shows how people serving in local churches can make a difference in their communities.

Save up to 50% on pastoral resources


Digital list price: $11.99
Regular price: $8.99
Save $2.70 (30%)