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Products>The Pharisees and Jesus: The Stone Lectures for 1915-16, Delivered at the Princeton Theological Seminary

The Pharisees and Jesus: The Stone Lectures for 1915-16, Delivered at the Princeton Theological Seminary

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A. T. Robertson delivered the Stone Lectures at Princeton Theological Seminary, and this volume includes the original content of those lectures, revised and expanded. In these lectures, Robertson investigates the relationship between the Pharisees and Jesus not only as a subject of mere academic interest, but as an issue of vital importance that affects how one perceives the historic origins of Christianity.

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“They placed the oral law on a par with the Old Testament Scriptures” (Page 38)

“The brief outline just given of the struggle of the Pharisees for power shows that they had won the sympathy and support of the masses of the people.” (Page 17)

“The Gospels in a wonderful way preserve and reproduce the colouring of the life in Galilee and Jerusalem, while Pharisee and Sadducee shared the power, and were full of jealousy of each other, while the Palestinian Jew still felt his superiority in privilege over the Jew of the Diaspora, while the middle wall of partition between Jew and Gentile was still unbroken and seemed unbreakable.” (Page 4)

“Pharisaism after 70 a.d. may be said to be the religion of official Judaism, and it has remained so ever since. First it gathered round the oral law or Midrash, as the interpretation of the law. Then the Mishna was the interpretation of the oral law. Then the Gemara explained the Mishna. The Talmud has now become the actual Jewish Bible far more than the Old Testament.” (Page 22)

“Jesus had been willing to pose as a political Messiah, with the claim of a world kingdom to throw off the Roman yoke, the Pharisees would have rallied round him.” (Page 41)

  • Title: The Pharisees and Jesus: The Stone Lectures for 1915-16, Delivered at the Princeton Theological Seminary
  • Author: A. T. Robertson
  • Publisher: Charles Scribner's Sons
  • Publication Date: 1920
  • Pages: 189
Archibald Thomas Robertson

A. T. Robertson (1863–1934) was a renowned scholar and a terrific preacher. He was educated at Wake Forest University and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. In 1892, Robertson was appointed professor at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary where he taught until 1934.

Robertson was a founding member of the Baptist World Congress, now known as the Baptist World Alliance. Throughout his incredible life, Archibald Thomas Robertson wrote 41 books ranging from grammars to simple character studies.

His books are still used today and his publications available in Logos include Practical and Social Aspects of Christianity: The Wisdom of James, Studies in Mark's Gospel, The Divinity of Christ in the Gospel of John, and A Harmony of the Gospels. Also available from Logos is the A. T. Robertson Collection (15 vols.), which includes a number of Robertson’s grammars, commentaries, lectures, and sermons.


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Digital list price: $9.99
Save $2.50 (25%)