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Essay on the Right Estimation of Manuscript Evidence


Many small textual translation differences quickly add up, and this can create a great error in the validity of the translated Bible as a whole. Published in 1878, Essay on the Right Estimation of Manuscript Evidence details the great need for a clear system of Bible translation for that very reason. Thomas Rawson Birks states that laws and principles should be in place to determine the relative weight of manuscript evidence when translating old manuscripts into modern-day language, in order to ensure that Bible translations do not err from the truth.

Birks proposes standards to follow regarding authenticity of Bible text that should be read by anybody who has studied original languages or has wondered which Bible version to choose. This resource will outline the great importance of correct interpretation, as well as add historical manuscript background, and will be the perfect addition to your Logos collection.

Key Features

  • Historical overview of manuscripts
  • Facts regarding rates of manuscript corruption
  • Tables illustrating manuscript information

Product Details

  • Title: Essay on the Right Estimation of Manuscript Evidence
  • Author: Thomas Rawson Birks
  • Publisher: MacMillian
  • Publication Date: 1878
  • Pages: 128

About Thomas Rawson Birks

A former professor of Moral Philosophy and Theology at the University of Cambridge, Thomas Rawson Birks was an English theologian and controversialist devoted to relating the two fields of theology and science. Born in 1810, he won numerous scholarships and prizes throughout his life for his theological studies and published a number of books on the subject before his death in 1883.

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