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Supernatural: A Study Guide

ISBN: 9781577996842


Uncover the Supernatural in the Bible

In Supernatural: What the Bible Teaches About the Unseen World—And Why it Matters, Michael S. Heiser uses his expertise and 15 years of research to tackle questions about what the Bible really says about the unseen world.

Now, take your study even further with Supernatural: A Study Guide by Ronn Johnson. Johnson walks you through the Supernatural material with practical application in mind, offering a fresh perspective on main ideas and key themes. Reflection questions, designed for personal devotion or small group study, will guide you through the book as you explore the ancient worldview of the biblical writers on a deeper level.

The Logos edition of Supernatural: A Study Guide is included with the Logos edition of Supernatural.


  • One Small Change, One Big Difference
  • Rebellion of the Gods
  • Cosmic Geography
  • Keeping to the Same Storyline
  • Jesus and the Love of God
  • Believing in Jesus’ Authority
  • The Church as God’s Presence
  • Becoming Divine
  • Knowing Where to Tinker

Top Highlights

“Who or what is an elohim? It’s actually a broad title (not a name) which can be translated as ‘God,’ ‘god,’ ‘godhead,’ ‘spirit,’ ‘deity,’ ‘divine being,’ or ‘strong one’—with each option carrying its own theological agenda.” (source)

“Are the ‘gods’ of the first commandment (‘You shall have no other gods before me’) real, personal beings?” (source)

“For example, Psalm 97:7 says, ‘Worship him, all you elohim,’ demanding that the gods worship their creator, the God of Israel. When the New Testament quotes this verse in Hebrews 1:6, the writer says it this way: ‘Let all the angels [Greek, angeloi] of God worship him.’ Where elohim, or ‘gods,’ appear in Psalm 97, ‘angels’ appear in Hebrews 1. Very simply, we will find that angels are gods, and that gods can sometimes function as angels.” (source)

“Everyone in the end shares the destiny of the god he or she worships.” (source)

“So we can think of our ‘image’ as a gift from God, a stewardship of rule, which we have unfortunately lost because of our disloyalty to our Creator (Rom 3:23, ‘fallen short of the glory of God’). Humankind has handed the privilege of rule over to the beings they have chosen to worship.” (source)

Product Details

  • Title: Supernatural: A Study Guide
  • Author: Ronn Johnson
  • Publisher: Lexham Press
  • Publication Date: 2016
  • Pages: 96
  • Format: Logos Digital, Paperback
  • Trim Size: 5x7
  • ISBN: 9781577996842
Ronn Johnson

Dr. Ronn Johnson, lecturer in biblical studies at the University of Northwestern St. Paul, Minnesota, has been the senior pastor at his church, Coon Rapids Evangelical Free, since 2006. He previously taught in the Bible departments at Pillsbury Baptist Bible College (1991–1994) and The Master’s College (1994–1996).

Dr. Johnson is well known by his students for demanding that they think about what they believe instead of being passive listeners. His approach is the opposite of proof-texting—simply quoting Bible verses without consideration of what they might mean in context. His goal is to drive home the point that the Bible is more than a collection of verses to be memorized and thrown into play—it’s a message from God that had a clear, coherent purpose that we need to hear without imposing our own traditions on the text. That approach of loyalty to the Bible above all else comes through in his Mobile Ed sessions on Bible doctrine.

He and his wife, Susan, have three teenage children. His pastimes include reading and giving too much attention to Kirby, the family dog.


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