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The Last Things: An Eschatology for Laymen

, 1978
ISBN: 9780802817273
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In recent years scriptural prophecies about the end times have become the subject of an increasing number of books. Many of these, however, are popularized accounts containing little thoughtful biblical scholarship. Yet the series studies available are often too difficult for the average reader to understand. George Eldon Ladd has endeavored to rectify this situation with a serious discussion of eschatology written for the layperson.

Two radically different interpretations of the relationship between the prophecies of the Old and New Testaments have been offered. One view sees separate programs for Israel and the Christian church, while the other recognizes progressive revelation and a unity of the Testaments.

Professor Ladd holds the latter position, basing his doctrine of the last things on the conviction that “our final word. . . is to be found in New Testament reinterpretation of Old Testament prophecy.” Only as the prophecies are seen in the light of God’s revelation through Christ can we clearly comprehend what they mean in relation to the end times.

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  • Title: The Last Things: An Eschatology for Laymen
  • Author: George Eldon Ladd
  • Publisher: Eerdmans
  • Publication Date: 1978
  • Pages: 119

George Ladd (1911–1982) was a Baptist minister and New Testament scholar. Born in Alberta, Canada, Ladd was educated at Gordon Divinity School (now Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary) and Harvard, where he received his PhD in classics under preeminent New Testament scholar Henry J. Cadbury. Ordained in the Northern Baptist Convention in 1933, Ladd pastored three churches in New England for nine years. From there he went on to teach New Testament at Gordon and at Fuller Theological Seminary, where he taught New Testament for 30 years.

The author of 14 books and a number of important articles, Ladd is mainly known for his works on eschatology. His publications include The Last Things: An Eschatology for Laymen and A Theology of the New Testament.


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  1. Maritza


    5 months ago

  2. RichThay47


    over 6 years ago

  3. Scott Lamb

    Scott Lamb

    about 7 years ago

    George Ladd writes from the Historic Premillennialist view point and is critical of Dispensationalist views. This book gives a quick overview and goes into depth on a few subjects.

  4. Tin


    almost 8 years ago



Digital list price: $12.99
Save $2.60 (20%)