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Products>Protestant Biblical Interpretation: A Textbook of Hermeneutics, 3rd ed.

Protestant Biblical Interpretation: A Textbook of Hermeneutics, 3rd ed.

, 1970
ISBN: 9781493407170
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Since its publication in 1950, Protestant Biblical Interpretation has been a standard introduction to hermeneutics in evangelical colleges and seminaries. “Hermeneutics,” writes the author, “is the science and art of Biblical interpretation. . . As such it forms one of the most important members of the theological sciences. This is especially true for conservative Protestantism, which looks on the Bible as. . . the only authoritative voice of God to man”.

After surveying the history of biblical interpretation, the author devotes seventy pages to explicating the Protestant system of hermeneutics. He then discusses the doctrinal, devotional, and practical uses of the Bible. Following a chapter on the hermeneutical dimension of the problem of biblical inerrancy and secular science, he concludes with chapters on the interpretation of types, prophecy, and parables.

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“The second great need for a science of hermeneutics is to bridge the gap between our minds and the minds of the Biblical writers.” (Page 4)

“The final spiritual qualification is that of utter dependence on the Holy Spirit to guide and direct.” (Page 13)

“In summary, the two great needs for the science of hermeneutics are: (i) that we may know what God has said, and (ii) that we may span the linguistical, cultural, geographical, and historical gaps which separate our minds from those of the Biblical writers.” (Page 7)

“The result of an erratic hermeneutics is that the Bible has been made the source of confusion rather than light.” (Page 3)

“The second spiritual qualification is that a man have a passion to know God’s word” (Page 13)

  • Title: Protestant Biblical Interpretation: A Textbook of Hermeneutics
  • Author: Bernard Ramm
  • Edition: 3rd
  • Publisher: Baker
  • Publication Date: 1999
  • Pages: 320

Bernard L. Ramm (1916-1992) born in Butte, Montana was a Baptisttheologian and apologist within the broad Evangelical tradition. He wrote prolifically on topics concerned with biblical hermeneutics, religion and science, Christology, and apologetics.

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