Products>A Basic Guide to Interpreting the Bible: Playing by the Rules, 2nd ed.

A Basic Guide to Interpreting the Bible: Playing by the Rules, 2nd ed.

Format: Digital
ISBN: 9780801033735


Learn how to identify various biblical genres, understand the meaning of biblical texts, and apply that meaning to contemporary life. Stein provides lessons on multiple biblical genres, including historical narratives, legal codes, poetry, wisdom literature, prophecy, idioms, parables, hyperbole, and letters. Revised to reflect Stein’s current thinking and changes to the discipline over the past decade, this new edition of a classic text is an effective teaching tool for a host of biblical study settings.

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  • Includes lessons on multiple biblical genres
  • Presents a new edition of a classic text
  • Provides an effective teaching tool for biblical studies
This is an ideal book both for university and seminary courses and for laypersons who desire a guide to understanding the Scriptures.

Thomas R. Schreiner, James Buchanan Harrison Professor of Biblical Interpretation, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

The reader benefits from clear definitions of key concepts and creative examples of these concepts in action, as well as exercises that can be used to augment the learning process.

Jeannine K. Brown, professor of New Testament, Bethel Seminary

The quality and terseness with which this book has been written and the way the various topics have been discussed is outstanding . . . it even bids the academic to examine whether he or she is still clear about the basics.

—Bálint Károly Zabán, Review of Biblical Literature

What the reader will find helpful, especially when using this book for teaching purposes, is its numerous scriptural examples, timely illustrations, and clarifying schematics.

James D. Hernando, Encounter Journal

Robert H. Stein was senior professor of New Testament interpretation at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He previously taught at Bethel Seminary. A world-renowned scholar of the Synoptic Gospels, he is the author of several books, including Jesus the Messiah, Mark in the Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament series, and Luke in the New American Commentary series.