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Essays, Social Commentary, and Other Miscellaneous Writings of Charles Hodge
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Essays, Social Commentary, and Other Miscellaneous Writings of Charles Hodge


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This resource culls together essays, sermons, speeches, addresses, letters, and other miscellaneous writings that didn't appear in book form. Most of these writings come from The Biblical Repertory and Princeton Review, but others were printed in other theological journals, newspapers, essay anthologies, church announcements, sermon collections, and more. This resource includes the following:

  • The State of Religion in France, 1827
  • Introductory Lecture Delivered in the Theological Seminary, Princeton, NJ Nov. 7, 1828, 1829
  • Public Education. Plans for the Government and Liberal Instruction of Boys in Large Numbers; as Practiced at Hazelwood School, 1829
  • Anniversary Address: American Home Missionary Society, 1829
  • On the Nature of Atonement, 1832
  • On the Necessity of a Knowledge of the Original Languages of the Scriptures, 1832
  • Suggestions of Theological Students, on Some of Those Traits of Character, Which the Spirit of the Age Renders Peculiarly Important in the Ministers of the Gospel, 1833
  • The Act and Testimony, 1834
  • The Act and Testimony, no. 2, 1835
  • Mr. H. Everett's Report on Indian Affairs. Presented to the House of Representatives of the United States, on the 20th of May, 1834, 1838
  • Proceedings of the General Assembly of the Free Church of Scotland, May 1843: With a Sketch of the Proceedings of the Residuary Assembly, 1844
  • A Brief Account of the Last Hours of Albert B. Dod, 1845
  • Essays in the Presbyterian by Theophilus, on the Question: Is Baptism in the Church of Rome Valid? 1846
  • 1. American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions. Special Report of the Prudential Committee, on the Control to be Exercised Over Missionaries and Mission Churches. 2. Correspondence between the Cherokee and Choctaw Missions, the Rev. S. B. Treat, and the Prudential Committee, 1849
  • Faith in Christ the Source of Life, 1852
  • Idea of the Church, 1853
  • Visibility of the Church, 1853
  • The Faithful Mother's Reward: A Narrative of the Conversion and Happy Death of J. B. Who Died in the Tenth Year of His Age, 1853
  • The Church—Its Perpetuity, 1856
  • Free Agency, 1857
  • Report on the History and Recent Edition of the English Version of the Bible, 1857
  • Adoption of the Confession of Faith, 1858
  • The Revised Book of Discipline, 1858
  • Sermons Preached before the Congregation of the Presbyterian Church, 1859
  • Demission of the Ministry, 1859
  • Theories of the Eldership—The Constitutional View of the Presbyterian Church, 1860
  • Memorial of Cortlandt Van Rensselaer, 1860
  • The Church and the Country, 1861
  • The State of the Country, 1861
  • Are There Too Many Ministers? 1862
  • England and America, 1862
  • Examination of Some Reasonings Against the Unity of Mankind, 1862
  • Relation of the Church and State, 1863
  • The War, 1863
  • Can God Be Known? 1864
  • The Princeton Review on the State of the Country and of the Church, 1865
  • Principles of Church Union, and the Reunion of the Old and New-School Presbyterians, 1865
  • Nature of Man, 1865
  • President Lincoln, 1865
  • Sustentation Fund, 1866
  • The Protest and Answer, 1868
  • A Solemn Question! Can the Protestants Conscientiously Build up the Churches of the Pope? 1873
  • A Discourse Delivered at the Re-Opening of the Chapel, September 27, 1874, 1874
  • Christianity Without Christ, 1876
  • Is the Bible Infallible? Speeches in the Rev. Dr. Dod's Case, 1878
  • Discourses Commemorative of the Life and Work of Charles Hodge, 1879
  • Arminianism and Grace, 1881
  • The Teaching Office of the Church, 1882