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Confronted by Grace: Meditations of a Theologian

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The Depth of Grace

When facing the deep realities of the human condition, we often turn to Scripture and the power of the gospel. It confronts us with the truth of God’s grace. This rich collection of thoughtful sermons from one of the leading contemporary theologians is challenging, stimulating, and inspiring. These reflections, born from years of theological and biblical study, demonstrate the complexity of the realities we face in the Christian life and the depth of the grace of God. Superbly written and thoroughly accessible, Confronted by Grace points us toward Christ so that we may grow in our understanding of the truth of the gospel.

Praise for Confronted by Grace

It’s one thing to teach the truth, and something else to proclaim it, not only interpreting Scripture but finding yourself and your hearers interpreted by it. That is what happens in reading these sermons: one forgets the preacher and hears Christ. John Webster believes ‘...that growth in the Christian life is simply growth in seeing that the gospel is true.’ Reading these sermons, I found myself joining in his joyful ‘Amen!’ to all of the promises that we have in Jesus Christ. What could be more rewarding than that?

—Michael Horton, Prof. of Theology and Apologetics, Westminster Seminary California

John Webster displays a great sense of the power of the English language and an even greater sense of the reliability of Holy Scripture and the power of the gospel. Together these make compelling and inspiring reading.

—Graeme Goldsworthy, ThM, PhD, Union Theological Seminary


  • Part I: Gravity & Grace
    • The Lie of Self-Sufficiency
    • The Great Contrast
    • Believe in the Lord Jesus
    • Dead to Sin
    • He Who Comforts
  • Part II: The Suffering Servant
    • Hearing the Passion
    • Sin Shattered within its Stronghold
    • Lifted High in Humiliation
    • Take this Holy Sacrament
    • The Triumph of Divine Resolve
  • Part III: Hearing God
    • Listen to Him
    • Praising God
    • Belonging to God
    • Obeying God
    • The Hearing Church
  • Part IV: Living by Promises
    • God's Sustaining Presence
    • The Call to Rememberance
    • The Nature of Faith
    • The Way of Holiness
    • Yes in Christ
  • Part V: Pressing On
    • The Heart of Perseverance
    • Endurance
    • Waiting Patiently
    • Christian Contentment
    • Do Not Be Anxious
    • The Day of God

Top Highlights

“Sin brings death because sin destroys that dependence upon God which alone gives life.” (Page 16)

“Not at all: They act in our name, they take our place. In doing what they do, in acting out the lie of self-sufficiency, in rebelling against the covenant of grace, they are merely doing what we do. Israel here is humanity itself in its hatred of God. The story of the passion is thus not just the central episode of Jewish history, but of all human history. Here is acted out our rejection of God, our covenant-breaking, our falsehood. And what therefore is condemned is us.” (Pages 9–10)

“Israel acts in the name of and in the place of all.” (Page 9)

“What is the final terror which he evokes in those who hear him? Simply this: ‘they perceived that he was speaking about them.’” (Page 7)

“There are at least three elements to preaching. First: Holy Scripture. Scripture is the body of texts which God” (Page xi)

Product Details

  • Title: Confronted by Grace: Meditations of a Theologian
  • Author: John Webster
  • Publisher: Lexham Press
  • Publication Date: 2014
  • Pages: 272
  • Format: Logos Digital, Paperback
  • Trim Size: 5.5x8.5
  • ISBN: 9781577996279
John Webster

John Webster (1955–2016) was a distinguished British theologian who was strongly influenced by Karl Barth and a member of the Anglican Communion. He began his career as chaplain and tutor St. John‘s College, Durham University and the became Lady Margaret Professor of Divinity at Oxford University, following Rowan Williams. During his time at Oxford he also served as canon of Christ Church. In 2003, he became the Chair of Systematic Theology at King‘s College, University of Aberdeen.

Working with Colin Gunton, Webster cofounded the International Journal of Systematic Theology, and served as an editorial board member International Journal for the Study of the Christian Church and the Scottish Journal of Theology, and coedited the Oxford Handbook of Systematic Theology.  He authored several other books including Confronted by Grace: Mediatations of a Theologian,  Karl Barth, Confessing God, Holiness, Word and Church, and Domain of the Word: Scripture and Theological Reason.

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Print list price: $18.99
Save $6.00 (31%)