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Martin Hengel Collection (4 vols.)
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Martin Hengel Collection (4 vols.)

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SCM Press, Trinity Press 1985–1989

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Martin Hengel spent his career challenging the assumptions of German theological liberalism. The Martin Hengel Collection provides some of his most influential works, equipping you to understand the claims of critical New Testament scholarship and answer them with Hengel’s scholarly rebuttals. Explore the development of the phrase “Son of God” throughout the New Testament, and its implications for the doctrine of Christ’s divinity. Examine Hengel’s understanding of the atonement. Benefit from his expertise in Second Temple Judaism and the relationship of Judaism, Christianity, and paganism in the Roman empire. Find arguments in favor of the traditional view of the authorship and content of the Gospel of Mark. The Marin Hengel Collection provides a thorough introduction to an influential New Testament scholar.

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For more great scholarship from Martin Hengel, check out Studies in Early Christology.

Key Features

  • Introduces the work of influential theologian Martin Hengel
  • Provides insight into the early years of Christianity
  • Includes rebuttals to the claims of critical New Testament scholarship

Product Details

Individual Titles

The Cross of the Son of God

  • Author: Martin Hengel
  • Translator: J. Bowden
  • Publisher: SCM
  • Publication Date: 1986
  • Pages: 304

Christology developed more in the period from the crucifixion of Jesus to the writing of Paul’s letter to the Philippians than in the following seven centuries combined. This volume conveniently collects together three related short studies by Martin Hengel: The Son of God, Crucifixion and The Atonement. Together they form an important introduction to a crucial period in the development of Christian belief.

Earliest Christianity

  • Author: Martin Hengel
  • Translator:J. Bowden
  • Publisher: SCM
  • Publication Date: 1986
  • Pages: 254

This volume brings together two important historical studies by Martin HengelActs and the History of Earliest Christianity, and Property and Riches in the Early Church. Understand the place of Acts in light of other ancient history writings. Investigate the earliest days of Christian mission. Discover the complex relationship between the early Christians, property, and wealth. Together these studies provide a vivid picture of life and values in the first days of Christianity.

The Hellenization of Judaea in the First Century after Christ

  • Author: Martin Hengel
  • Translator: J. Bowden
  • Publisher: SCM
  • Publication Date: 1990
  • Pages: 124

Sample Pages: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

This short but highly significant study is the sequel to Martin Hengel’s classic work Judaism and Hellenism. Hengel argues that in the New Testament period, Hellenization in Palestine was so widespread that the distinction between Hellenistic Judaism and Palestinian Judaism is not just invalid—the very idea of “Hellenism” is so vague as to be meaningless. Presenting a wealth of evidence available here for the first time, Hengel explores the implications of his argument for New Testament study.

Studies in the Gospel of Mark

  • Author: Martin Hengel
  • Translator:J. Bowden
  • Publisher: SCM
  • Publication Date: 1985
  • Pages: 222

Sample Pages: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

In this volume, Martin Hengel argues for the traditional view of the origin of the Gospel of Mark—that Mark wrote in Rome in AD 69, basing his work on the tradition handed down to him by Peter. Including an appendix on the reliability of the synoptic tradition by distinguished classical philologist Wolfgang Schadewalt, Studies in the Gospel of Mark is a direct challenge to the radical views of modern New Testament scholarship.

About the Authors

Martin Hengel (1926–2009) was emeritus professor of New Testament and early Judaism at the University of Tübingen. He specialized in early Christianity and the origins of Christianity. Hengel began studying theology in 1947 in Tübingen before moving to the University of Heidelberg in 1949. He eventually earned his PhD in 1959 from the University of Tübingen.

J. Bowden (1935–2010) was emeritus professor of Old Testament at the Waldensian Faculty of Theology and Emeritus professor of Hebrew at La Sapienza University in Rome.