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Products>Putting Jesus in His Place: The Case for the Deity of Christ

Putting Jesus in His Place: The Case for the Deity of Christ

, 2007
ISBN: 9780825429835

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The central theological distinctive of Christianity—that Jesus is God incarnate—has repeatedly come under fire from adherents to other religions and scholars who interpret Jesus as a prophet, angel, or guru. Putting Jesus in His Place is designed to introduce Christians to the wealth of biblical teaching on the deity of Christ. Using evidence from the New Testament, this book helps readers appreciate the significance of Christ’s deity in a personal relationship with him, and gives them the confidence to share the truth about Jesus with others.

Resource Experts
  • Offers biblical teaching about who Jesus was
  • Cites biblical passages in support of the deity of Jesus and discusses their interpretation
  • Provides endnotes that comment on some of the more technical issues
  • Part 1: The Devotion Revolution: Jesus Shares the Honors Due to God
    • All glory, Laud, and Honor
    • The Worship of the Carpenter
    • What a Friend We Have in Jesus
    • Sing to the Lord
    • The Ultimate Reverence a Package
  • Part 2: Like Father, Like Son: Jesus Shares the Attributes of God
    • Beyond Resemblance
    • Jesus Existed before He Was Born!
    • Jesus Has Always Been There
    • Jesus: The Right Stuff
    • He’s Got What It Takes
  • Part 3: Name Above All Names: Jesus Shares the Names of God
    • Name One
    • Immanuel: God with Us
    • He Is Lord
    • Jesus Is It from A to Z
  • Part 4: Infinitely Qualified: Jesus Shares in the Deeds That God Does
    • Meet Your Maker
    • He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands
    • The Way, the Truth, and the Life
    • Here Comes the Judge
  • Part 5: The Best Seat in the House: Jesus Shares the Seat of God’s Throne
    • Jesus Takes the Stand
    • God’s Right-hand Man
    • Jesus Takes His Seat

Top Highlights

“In the Bible, however, the words usually translated ‘worship’ do not refer to such religious acts. The biblical words (Heb., shachah; Greek, proskuneō) generally refer to an act of bowing low to the ground or prostrating oneself or, more generally, falling on the ground with or toward someone.” (Page 37)

“First, we will assume that Christians should base their beliefs about Jesus on the teachings of the New Testament” (Page 21)

“Was Jesus a man through whom God was revealing himself, or was he God revealing himself as a man?” (Page 82)

“The word glory in the Bible (Hebrew, k-bōd; Greek, doxa) has two related meanings. As an attribute of God, glory refers to God’s beautiful, shining nature—the bright, overpowering light in which God appears when he manifests his presence to human beings (e.g., Exod. 33:18–23; Luke 2:9).8 Glory is also the proper response of praise and adulation to God’s dazzling nature (not just the bright light, but all aspects of his nature) and in this sense is a synonym for honor. One of the proper responses to God, then, is to glorify him (Ps. 29:1–3; Matt. 5:16; Rom. 15:6–9).” (Page 32)

“The result is that Jesus Christ has, as it were, two sets of attributes—those of human beings and those of God.” (Page 75)

Bowman and Komoszewski do a splendid job of showing that the divine identity of Jesus is not confined to a few key texts, but presented throughout the New Testament in a wide variety of ways. Their arguments are fully based on the best of recent scholarship, and explained in a way that all serious readers of the New Testament will appreciate.

Richard Bauckham, senior scholar, Ridley Hall, Cambridge

The deity of Jesus Christ is central and foundational to the gospel. Bowman and Komoszewski show that Christ’s deity pervades the New Testament and is not limited to a few proof texts. Those who have eyes to see will find it everywhere, and if your eyes are deficient this book is just the corrective you need. The work is convincing, clear, and scholarly. Most of all, the book is glorious, reminding us that Jesus is to be worshiped as our Lord, Savior, and God.

Thomas R. Schreiner, James Buchanan Harrison Professor of New Testament Interpretation, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Robert M. Bowman Jr., born in 1957, studied at Fuller Theological Seminary. An author and professor, he taught at Luther Rice Seminary and Biola University. Bowman hosted a radio show in Los Angeles and has worked on the Apologetics and Interfaith Evangelism for the North American Mission Board and at the Institute for Religious Research. Some of his best-loved writings include Faith Has Its Reasons and An Unchanging Faith in a Changing World.

J. Ed Komoszewski graduated summa cum laude with a ThM in New Testament Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary, where he learned from renowned New Testament scholars like Harold W. Hoehner, Darrell L. Bock, and Daniel B. Wallace. He has served as a pastor, professor of biblical and theological studies, and the director of research for a large nonprofit organization, and he is the coauthor of two books: Reinventing Jesus (with M. James Sawyer and Daniel B. Wallace) and Putting Jesus in His Place: The Case for the Deity of Christ (with Robert M. Bowman Jr.).


5 ratings

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  1. Jerome Smith

    Jerome Smith


    I somehow received this book free as a Kindle book and have read and re-read it several times, lamenting that it was not a resource in my Logos library. The Kindle resource is complete, but barebones in its features. I missed the ability to view Scripture references upon mouse-over. In Kindle the notes are not readily accessible either. I just did a "search" and found it in Logos. This is an absolutely outstanding work on the deity of Christ. It ought to be considered essential reading for every Bible-believing Christian. I have recently been answering questions posed online by Muslims. This book provides the Biblical evidence to back up the claims we make for believing in the deity of Christ. It also fully answers the questions I've encountered from Jehovah's Witnesses on these issues. I look forward to reading this book yet again, but this time with the very real advantages available in the Logos edition.
  2. Matthew Lawrence
  3. Timothy James Mills
    Best book on the deity of Christ based on latest scholarship which in addition is easy to understand!!!
  4. J. Remington Bowling
  5. Donovan Neufeldt
    This is a very good book, wonderfully well written and scholarly, yet very accesible. I would have purchased it here if it was avaliable, but it was not previously, so I got the kindle version. The only better book I know of regarding the diety of Christ is "Jesus and the God of Israel"by Richard Bauckham. That book will knock your socks off as your understanding of scripture/worldview expands. (Hint hint, maybe you should make that book avaliable also).
  6. Prayson Daniel
    This is a wonderfully argued book. It presents a case for the deity of Christ using the acronym H.A.N.D.S, namely (i) Jesus received the Honor due to God alone, (ii) Jesus shared the Attributes of God, (iii) Jesus possess the Names of God, (iv) Jesus performed Deeds of God and (v) Jesus sits on the Seat of God. Putting Jesus in His Place is accumulative case gives warrant for Christians to hold on to their over 2000 years conviction that Jesus is God. I would recommend this book to those who desire to know about the nature of Jesus beyond John 1:1, 20:28, Philippians 2:6, Hebrews 1:8 and Isaiah 9:6.


Print list price: $19.99
Save $4.00 (20%)