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Master Journal Bundle (1,280+ vols.)

Digital Logos Edition

This product has been updated. Check out version 3.1 here.

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Examine issues in theology, biblical studies, ministry, and church history with distinguished scholars and practitioners from around the world with the Master Journal Bundle. Featuring journals that zoom in on a specific topic in each installment or volume, as well as eclectic journals that provide commentary and insight on a variety of topics, this bundle adds massive breadth to your library. Draw on a wealth of ecclesiastical experience and theological reflection and inform your passion for the church while you deepen your understanding of theology, history, and Scripture.

This journal bundle fully integrates with the Logos Bible Software Journal Feature and includes specialized tagging by author, passage, and topic. To learn more, visit our Logos Bible Software feature page.

  • Presents cutting-edge scholarship
  • Covers a vast range of topics related to theological inquiry
  • Provides journals dedicated both to the life of the church and the academy
  • Includes more than 1,280 volumes
  • Title: Master Journal Bundle
  • Journals: 54 (plus Religious and Theological Abstracts)
  • Volumes: 1,280+
  • Years: 1825–2014
  • Resource Type: Journals
  • Topic: Biblical Studies, Theology
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  1. Chad



    Anyone know what the down payment would be, and how much a month for the special payment plan?
  2. Debra W Bouey

    Debra W Bouey


  3. James T. Mace

    James T. Mace


    Go over to this Master Journal Bundle 2.1 (1,950+ vols.) as the best way I have analyzed to get maximum journals in Logos with least cost: https://www.logos.com/product/54391/master-journal-bundle-21.
  4. Into Grace

    Into Grace


  5. Larry Liddiard
  6. Jadrian Haywood
    I'm a seminary student and need routine access to scholarly/peer reviewed journals. I checked out what logos has to offer (because I love logos!) however was disappointed with the options, I have the platinum package which is pretty $$$. However, reading your post, I checked out galaxie and must say that I am extremely excited about this new service! I subscribed and right away was granted access to all there journals. $5 a month is pretty reasonable. I honestly feel that their service should be included in the logos package I have, being that I have paid a grip for it. It will be a bit of an inconvienance going between galaxie and logos however, they really have everything I need in one central location. If the "master bundle package" of journals included the scholarly peer/reviewed quality of the major journals (the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society, Bibliotheca Sacra, Grace Theological Journal, and the Westminster Theological Journal) then it would be nice, but it doesn't. Also, you can cancel galaxie anytime. So if you have a paper due and just need access once, then pay your $5 and you have it for a month!
  7. Paul



    Upon check out, the price for "Ship as Available" option is $400 more than the posted price for pre-pub. Is this a bug?
  8. Kevin A Lewis
    The “Ship as Available” option markers need to be updated! Blessings
  9. Wild Eagle

    Wild Eagle


  10. Jim Lowther

    Jim Lowther


    Obviously this will not be a substitute for students using a good theological library for periodical research. Please someone tell me that Logos is working on updates for JBL, Westminster Theological Journal, Trinity Journal, JETS, and the Tyndale Bulletin. I am surprised so many of the journal titles I enjoyed with Galaxie are missing, particularly some of the better Baptist journals.
This product is not currently available to purchase.