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Products>Forgotten God: Reversing Our Tragic Neglect of the Holy Spirit

Forgotten God: Reversing Our Tragic Neglect of the Holy Spirit

ISBN: 9781434767950

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Powerful. When is the last time someone used that word to describe you? It doesn’t make sense that Almighty God would have children characterized by fear and insecurity. He put his Spirit in us so we could be known for our power (Acts 1:8; 2 Timothy 1:7). Sadly, most believers and churches are known for talent or intellect rather than supernatural power. What’s worse is that we’re okay with it.

Could it be that we’ve forgotten the One who distinguishes us from every religion and cult in the world? Through scriptural support and compelling narrative, breakthrough author Francis Chan reminds us of the Holy Spirit as the Bible describes him. He reminds us that we were not created and saved merely to survive our time on earth. Chan contends that we’ve ignored the Spirit and are reaping the disastrous results.

It’s time for the beloved church of Jesus Christ to reverse the trend of neglect. Let’s pursue the Spirit-filled life of effectiveness God desires and we desire.

The Logos Bible Software edition of this volume is designed to encourage and stimulate your study and understanding of key biblical topics. Scripture passages link directly to your English translations and to the original language texts, and important theological concepts link to dictionaries, encyclopedias, and a wealth of other resources in your digital library. In addition, you can perform powerful searches by topic and find what other authors, scholars, and theologians have to say about the Holy Spirit.

Key Features

  • Focuses on the importance of the Holy Spirit as an essential part of believer’s lives
  • Discusses the common neglecting of the Holy Spirit
  • Features a sound, biblical, humbling, and encouraging approach to difficult topics


  • I’ve Got Jesus. Why Do I Need the Spirit?
  • What Are You Afraid Of?
  • Theology of the Holy Spirit 101
  • Why Do You Want Him?
  • A Real Relationship
  • Forget About His Will for Your Life!
  • Supernatural Church

Praise for the Print Edition

Are you spiritually empty and searching for something more? Perhaps you’re missing out on God’s presence and power through the Holy Spirit. In Forgotten God, Francis Chan imparts a life-changing message on the power of the Holy Spirit and his desire to unleash himself into our daily lives.

—Craig Groeschel, founder and senior pastor, LifeChurch.tv

It has often been said that the Holy Spirit is the Cinderella of the God-head. But no church and no Christian can be healthy or attain maturity without a life lived in and led by the Spirit. Francis Chan’s latest book is a timely reminder and engaging encouragement to get intimately acquainted with the forgotten God.

—Simon Ponsonby, pastor of theology, St. Aldates

Product Details

  • Title: Forgotten God: Reversing Our Tragic Neglect of the Holy Spirit
  • Authors: Francis Chan and Danae Yankoski
  • Publisher: David C. Cook
  • Publication Date: 2009
  • Pages: 186

About Francis Chan

Francis Chan is a best-selling author and the host of the BASIC series. He has also written the children’s books Halfway Herbert, The Big Red Tractor and the Little Village, and Ronnie Wilson’s Gift. Francis is the founding pastor of Cornerstone Church in Simi Valley, California, and is the founder of Eternity Bible College. He also sits on the board of directors of Children’s Hunger Fund and World Impact.

About Danae Yankoski

Danae Yankoski attended Westmont College and majored in English Literature. She coauthored, with her husband, Zealous Love: A Guide to Social Justice.

Resource Experts

Top Highlights

“be careful not to think that our analogies in any way encapsulate His nature.” (Page 66)

“If it’s true that the Spirit of God dwells in us and that our bodies are the Holy Spirit’s temple, then shouldn’t there be a huge difference between the person who has the Spirit of God living inside of him or her and the person who does not?” (Page 32)

“I also believe that the Spirit is more obviously active in places where people are desperate for Him, humbled before Him, and not distracted by their pursuit of wealth or comforts (like we are).” (Page 17)

“The benchmark of success in church services has become more about attendance than the movement of the Holy Spirit. The ‘entertainment’ model of church was largely adopted in the 1980s and ’90s, and while it alleviated some of our boredom for a couple of hours a week, it filled our churches with self-focused consumers rather than self-sacrificing servants attuned to the Holy Spirit.” (Pages 15–16)

“I think the fear of God failing us leads us to ‘cover for God.’ This means we ask for less, expect less, and are satisfied with less because we are afraid to ask for or expect more.” (Page 47)


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  1. Matt DeVore

    Matt DeVore


  2. Steven Blader

    Steven Blader


  3. Edwin Dale

    Edwin Dale


  4. Rwanda Tim

    Rwanda Tim


    This is an inspiring read. It is not a theological treatise or a "how-to" book on relating to the Holy Spirit. It is mainly topics related to the Holy Spirit with some real-life illustrations of people who embody the point being made. It is a simple read (a few hours max). If you are looking for a personal jolt, you'll enjoy it. If you are looking for something more explanatory, theological, or exegetical, you will be disappointed (but hopefully not miss the message).
  5. joe darrow

    joe darrow



Digital list price: $11.99
Save $2.00 (16%)