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Meditations for Every Wednesday and Friday in Lent: On a Prayer of S. Ephraem


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This volume contains meditations based on a prayer by Saint Ephraem, and is intended to be used during Lent. S. C. Malan also includes short homilies by Saint Chrysostom, Saint Severian, and Saint Ephraem to be used during Passion Week. This useful volume is full of reflections from these important Christian leaders, and makes a wonderful devotional to study throughout Lent.

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  • Meditations for every Wednesday and Friday in Lent
  • Short homilies by Saint Chrysostom, Saint Severian, and Saint Ephraem
  • Based on a prayer of Saint Ephraem
  • First Wednesday in Lent
  • First Friday in Lent
  • Second Wednesday in Lent
  • Second Friday in Lent
  • Third Wednesday in Lent
  • Third Friday in Lent
  • Fourth Wednesday in Lent
  • Fourth Friday in Lent
  • Fifth Wednesday in Lent
  • Sixth Wednesday in Lent
  • Homily of S. Chrysostom for Palm Sunday
  • On Mary the Penitent; of S. Ephraem
  • On Peter’s Denial of His Master; of S. Ephraem
  • Homily of S. Severian, Bishop of Emesa, on the Sufferings and Death of Our Lord
  • To the Lord Jesus; of S. Ephraem

Top Highlights

“O MY soul, thou hast slumbered long enough in sin: awake, and arise from sleep! Flee to repentance and grieve in earnest, that the Just One may have regard to thy tears.” (Page xv)

“Lord and Master of my life, keep from me a spirit of inactivity and idleness! Grant that my days which are so short, may not be spent in worldly vanity and idleness; grant that the talents intrusted to me may not be buried in the earth of forgetfulness and of sloth; grant that through dislike of labour or trouble, I may not reckon a burden what Thou givest me to do, and thus deface Thine own image in me! But give me to be bold in every good and blessed work; give me to labour without weariness in the cultivation of my nature for eternity; and grant that whatever I do, be done to Thy glory, O Lord, and not for my own pleasure. Amen.” (Pages 31–32)

“Every faculty of the soul—when brought into activity is improved and strengthened; but when left inactive, grows weaker, and wastes away.” (Page 23)

“We are taught by Holy Scripture that man walks as it were always between two worlds; the one on high, of light; the other of below, dark and of the devil. Those two worlds influence him continually, and contend with each other for the mastery over him;1 the angelic world so acts on that man, that it protects, supports, strengthens him in the path of repentance and of virtue, inspiring him with good thoughts and feelings, and imparting to him spiritual strength and power. The wicked world, on the other hand, acts on a man in this way, that it strives to waylay him from the path of righteousness, and to hold him captive by passions and vice; breathing for that purpose, into his heart every thing that is impure and opposed to God.” (Pages 11–12)

  • Title: Meditations for Every Wednesday and Friday in Lent: On a Prayer of S. Ephraem
  • Author: S. C. Malan
  • Publisher: Joseph Masters
  • Publication Date: 1859
  • Pages: 234

Solomon Caesar Malan (1812–1894) was an Anglican divine and orientalist. He was a phenomenal linguist, mastering French, German, Spanish, Italian, Latin, Greek, Georgian, Armenian, Coptic, Chinese, and English.


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  1. Richard C. Hammond, Jr.
  2. Akintoye AKINTUNDE
  3. Byron Samson

    Byron Samson


  4. Kenute P. Curry
    I really enjoyed reading this book. It is so encouraging and spiritually uplifting. The commentary on the prayer of S. Ephraem by S. C. Malan is rich and deep with meaning. I was spiritually encouraged so much by reading this book. Thank you God for putting this book in my hands.

  5. AeliusCicero



  6. Larry Proffitt


Digital list price: $12.49
Save $2.50 (20%)