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Complete in Him: A Guide to Understanding and Enjoying the Gospel

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Nothing is more basic to spiritual life and growth than understanding and enjoying the fundamental truths of the gospel of saving grace that center directly and uniquely in Jesus Christ. This book is a back to basics approach to Christianity.

Resource Experts
  • Provides a greater understanding and enjoyment of what it means to be a Christian
  • Seeks to help the reader find their place in Christ in order to receive all the peace and blessing accorded to them
  • Focuses on gospel doctrine and gospel duty to produce successful Christian living
  • Condemnation: The Need of the Gospel
  • Christ: The Essence of the Gospel
  • Conversion: The Response to the Gospel
  • Regeneration: New Life in the Gospel
  • Union with Christ: The Security of the Gospel
  • Justification: The Legality of the Gospel
  • Reconciliation: The Peace of the Gospel
  • Adoption: The Privileges in the Gospel
  • Sanctification: The Effect of the Gospel
  • Glorification: The End of the Gospel
  • Assurance: The Enjoyment of the Gospel

Top Highlights

“Second, we must stand confident in justification:” (Page 223)

“If it is true that right thinking about the gospel produces right living in the gospel, then right thinking about Christ is paramount. Christ defines Christianity: He is the essence of the gospel.” (Page 26)

“For the Christian, everything—both his eternal destiny and his earthly journey—depends on what he thinks of Christ. That Christ is everything and that Christians are complete in Him ought to generate joyous satisfaction in every believing heart.” (Page 1)

“The Bible sets the pattern of first knowing (Romans 6:3, 6, 9), then believing (Romans 6:11), and then doing (Romans 6:12, 13). To reverse that order or to omit a step is deleterious to a successful Christian life.” (Page 4)

“The gospel is Christ, and being saved is having Christ: ‘He that hath the Son hath life’ (1 John 5:12).” (Page 1)

  • Title: Complete in Him: A Guide to Understanding and Enjoying the Gospel
  • Author: Michael P. V. Barrett
  • Publisher: Ambassador-Emerald
  • Publication Date: 2006
  • Pages: 325

Michael Paul Vernon Barrett (born September 18, 1949) is the author of Beginning at Moses: A Guide to Finding Christ in the Old TestamentGod’s Unfailing Purpose: The Message of Daniel, and Complete in Him: A Guide to Understanding and Enjoying the Gospel. He is academic dean and professor of Old Testament at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary. He is a minister in the Free Presbyterian Church of North America, and was formerly president of Geneva Reformed Seminary. Converted to Christianity as a child, he was called to ministry early in his college career at Bob Jones University. He earned his doctorate in Old Testament Text at BJU with a special focus on Semitic languages.


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  1. Dr Jason Harris
    An excellent summary of the theology of the gospel. Particularly well-suited to people coming out of legalistic settings. Barrett makes the theology of the gospel understandable without being shallow. Highly recommended.


Print list price: $17.00
Save $7.01 (41%)