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Discovering Christ in the Song of Solomon
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Discovering Christ in the Song of Solomon


Grace Baptist Church of Danville 2007

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In many ways the Song of Solomon is the most precious and most refreshing of the books of inspiration. It is a book altogether about fellowship and communion with Christ. It is not in any sense to be interpreted literally. It is spiritual. It is an allegory, a spiritual dialogue between Christ our heavenly bridegroom and the church his bride. All who know the Lord Jesus Christ love him. A true, saving revelation and knowledge of Christ always creates an ardent love for Christ. To know him is to love him. It is not possible for a person to have a saving knowledge of Christ without a true heart of love for Christ. Any who do not love Christ, truly, sincerely, and above all others, simply do not know him.

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Key Features

  • Examines the book as an allegory
  • Provides thought-provoking questions about the reader’s relationship with Jesus Christ through the Song of Solomon
  • Discusses the nature of God’s perfect love, inspiring greater understanding of Scripture


  • Why Do We Love Him? (1:1–4)
  • Four Characteristics of True Faith (1:5–7)
  • The Footsteps of the Flock (1:7–11)
  • Christ’s Estimate of His People (1:8–11)
  • Sitting with the King at His Table (1:12–17)
  • “I Am Sick of love” (2:1–7)
  • “Winter Is past” (2:8–15)
  • “My Beloved Is Mine and I Am His” (2:16–17)
  • “I Will Seek Him” (3:1–5)
  • Christ and His Church in Their Royal Chariot (3:6–11)
  • Christ’s Own Estimate of His Church (4:1–15)
  • My Heart—His Garden (4:16)
  • Christ Present with His Church (5:1)
  • “I sleep, but My Heart Waketh” (5:2–8)
  • Let Me Tell You about My Beloved (5:9–16)
  • “This Is My Friend” (5:16)
  • Oh, What a Friend (5:10–16)
  • The Excellence and Supremacy of Christ (5:10)
  • Where Is Christ to Be Found? (6:1–3)
  • Five Pictures of the Church (6:4–10)
  • Inward Conflicts (6:11–13)
  • Tender Words of Intimate Love (7:1–13)
  • “Let Him Kiss Me” (1:2)
  • “Come, My Beloved” (7:10–13)
  • “I would” (8:1–4)
  • Leaning on Christ (8:5–7)
  • A Choice Prayer for Saints and Sinners (8:6–7)
  • Unpurchasable Love (8:7)
  • Our Sister, Our Service, Our Savior (8:8–14)
  • Our Lord’s Vineyard (8:12)
  • The Lord’s Last Word to His Church (8:13)
  • Come, My Beloved (8:14)

Praise for the Print Edition

The application and richness of the Gospel is found throughout.

English Churchman

In due time it will no doubt rank alongside such expositions of the Song of Solomon as those of Dr. Gill and Spurgeon’s Most Holy Place. It is a heart-warming book and is highly recommended to our readers.

Gospel Magazine

Product Details

  • Title: Discovering Christ in the Song of Solomon
  • Author: Donald S. Fortner
  • Publisher: Donald S. Fortner
  • Publication Date: 2007
  • Pages: 240

About Donald S. Fortner

Donald S. Fortner, pastor of Grace Baptist Church of Danville, Kentucky, is also a prolific author and conference speaker.


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